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Boost Your Call Center Efficiency

In these days of lean and mean operations call centers are under pressure to cut costs, boost productivity and improve the bottom line. Apart from people working in the call center, the call center software solution too plays an important role in helping to boost productivity.

Basics of call center solution

Call center solutions have a standard set of features. Modern call center solution development incorporates advanced features like WebRTC that permits audio-video chats, document sharing and on-screen presentations. The first step to achieving a boost in productivity is to switch to Asterisk call center Solution that is at the top of the technology heap in terms of ease of use, functionality, features and cost. Consider the cost: it is based on open source platform and that makes it inherently lower in cost. Asterisk has been around since quite some time and the platform has a huge community that contributes to its development. Technology always improves and call centers benefit when they opt for Asterisk based VoIP call center software. Typically, the usual features include advanced call distribution, progressive dialer, automated cal script, IVR, DID and conferencing. There is the usual feature of call recording, monitoring and reporting and analytics as well. Call center solution features can be customized to a degree to suit a user’s operational model but many users simply use it as it comes. Know the features and leverage them right and you can boost your call center’s productivity.

Call distribution

It happens all the time. Some calls go to a certain agent while others sit idle. Skill map the software with agent’s skills and program the call distribution in a way that no agent remains idle. This is the second step to boosting productivity in an inbound call center environment. The first, of course, is smart selection of asterisk call center solution with its versatile feature set that permits both inbound and outbound call management. The blend of inbound and outbound in a compact package ensures that traffic flows right with no bottlenecks. It also includes UC layering so agents do not hunt around for messages from diverse channels.

Customize dialling modes

You can customize the dialing mode in a way that a call is placed only when an agent completes an existing call. This can be further fine tuned to let the software connect the agent to the called party only when the phone at the other end is picked up by a human, not an answering machine.

With just these two tweaks you are already ahead in the game. You reduce burden and stress on your agents. They respond by being more efficient and productive.  Now make it even better.

Opt only for WebRTC enable CC solution

WebRTC transforms your operations in several ways:

  • Make use of video chat feature. Agents find it interesting to interact face to face with callers, read their body language and be more responsive and callers too find this video experience highly satisfying.
  • WebRTC enables conferencing which means an agent can call in another agent or a supervisor to tackle issues a caller raises and resolve it in one go instead of passing on the phone call and put the caller on hold.
  • Videos, screenshots and documents can be shared. Callers can show via their mobiles what their problem is and agents can show via video demos how to tackle it. In short, it results in faster, happier conclusions. Agents feel fulfilled and do more for the company.
  • Agents need not be tied to their desks. They can just as well use their mobiles to receive calls and to make calls. He can work from home. He can receive calls while he is on the way. He can even work inside office premises using his mobile.
  • WebRTC, as shown above, enhances agent autonomy. When a CC solution ties to backend CRM, he can also view caller’s detail and give a more personalized response.


Businesses follow a hierarchical structure with managers and agents on two sides of the divide. Metrics are made use of derived from reporting and analytics feature of the asterisk call center software but only managers make use of it. Break this tradition. Give your agents access to metrics live as he works. He gets immediate feedback on his performance and self-motivation to improve. He can also provide inputs to management and all of this could boost productivity.

Interact with call center software developer

Opt for hosted VoIP call center software where the developer is responsible for maintenance and upgrades as is usual in such cases. However, do not just passively sit back and expect upgrades that match your expectations or address lacunae. Keep in touch with your call center software development agency and let them know issues you encounter and features you would like to see. A responsive CC solution developer will try to take care of these and your productivity will keep on increasing as your tool becomes fine honed.


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