Why Do You Need Breast Augmentation?

We’re all born with imperfect bodies. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re stuck with them for life. We sometimes don’t like the shape of our teeth or the mold on our back. What do we do? We get surgery to remove it. Similarly, the same can be said and done for breasts. Females all around the world can understand the need to have the optimal size of the breasts. Especially those who have had surgeries or have always had a problem with the symmetry of their breasts. You don’t have to live your whole life with defects. Try getting a breast augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation in Dubai is one of the best options you can go for.

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgery in which doctors put breast implants in your chest. This is done to enhance the size and shape of your breasts. Even though it is a simple procedure, it’s impossible to do without having the experts do it. Breast implants are silicone shells that are usually filled with saline or silicone gel. Although personal preference is the doctor’s priority, it also depends on the aesthetics and body types.

Implants can be of different shapes and sizes. That means that they come in either round-shaped or tear-drop shaped. A lot of women prefer having large round implants along with a substantial lift. This also enlarges cleavages and the fullness of the breasts so that they don’t look underweight or saggy. However, it is crucial to note here that old age breasts can’t be augmented. So, if you’re old and you’re looking to get an augmentation, it would probably not happen.

Types of Implants:

People who design saline implants fill the silicone shells with sterile saltwater or saline. The only thing that goes wrong with implants is that they can leak. Even though it is not that common an event, it does occur sometimes. The problem with this type of implants is that the leaking saltwater is instantly absorbed by the body. Therefore, it is difficult to notice the leak and get someone to fix the problem.

The other type of implants that you can get is the silicone implants. Cosmetic specialists design this type of implants by filling shells with a special medical-grade gel. This, compared to the alternative, brings a more aesthetically natural feel and appearance to the breasts. Therefore, skinny women or those who are underweight usually prefer this type of augmentation.

How is the Procedure Carried Out?

Firstly, you need to get in touch with a real expert who specializes in cosmetic surgeries. Set an appointment for the surgery and get a medical exam to ensure that you are eligible for the procedure. After you’ve discussed the whole thing with the surgeon, make sure to ask if they’ll be using anesthesia or conscious sedation. The discourse can vary from person to person or the type of augmentation surgery selected.

Now that you’re in the surgery room, it’s up to the surgeons. But here’s a little detail of what they’ll be doing. Firstly, they’ll be using the surgical apparatus to make tiny incisions to fit the implants inside. Then, they’ll use enhanced medical equipment to monitor the implants and position them in place. Once that is over, they’ll close the openings and apply a bandage and antibacterial gel (in some cases). All in all, your surgery will be over and you’ll be walking out of the clinic in two to three hours.

Risk and Preventive Measures

A lot of people can come up and ask questions about the risks involved in the procedure. Although the rumors about breast cancer are completely false, there are a few things you should keep in mind. There are chances that you can get an infection, mild pain, excessive scar tissue or if it doesn’t go well, asymmetry. It is important to note that cosmetic dissatisfaction is also likely if you don’t choose the best surgeon.

A couple of things that you can do to alleviate all risks and complications are as follows. You should stop smoking if you have the habit, at least for a certain period of time before the surgery. It’s imperative that you don’t take any alcohol and don’t eat a lot the night before the surgery. Dress keeping comfort in mind, so you can even go in your PJ’s. You should also have someone to drive you to the clinic and back.

What Happens After Surgery?

Usually, people see a full recovery from the aftermath in a week. However, it is still necessary that you don’t engage in strenuous physical activities for at least 6 weeks. This is because the effects can vary from patient to patient. People who worry about scars are right. There are going to be marks but if it goes well and if it heals over time, it will be difficult to see in a year. You can consult with your surgeon about the placing and the size of the scar that you’ll have.

So, Go Ahead!

That’s all you need to know about breast augmentation. If you have any questions or if you wish to go for the procedure, it’s best if you consult a certified surgeon. But you can be sure now that the procedure itself isn’t that dangerous and has been successful 300,378 times in 2017 alone. So, don’t worry and just make sure you make the right choice for a surgeon and the right clinic.