The N95 mask, also called the 1870 respirator, is one of the most used masks due to its simplicity and wide use. This mask filters 95% of air particles, hence the name. But what exactly is it for? When can you use it? We tell you everything you need to know to use the N95 mask safely below.

What is the N95 Mask for exactly?

Within the category of protective masks, the N95 are the simplest. The term <N95> is given by these aspects:

N: Indicates that it has NO resistance to oils.

95: It is capable of filtering up to 95% of the particles in the air that are larger than 0.3 µm.

What N95 mask to buy?

Before deciding which n95 mask to buy, you need to consider these questions:

Choose the correct size: If the n95 surgical masks uk does not fit your face, it will not be watertight, so the protection capacity it has will worsen. The more it fits, the better for your health.

Do not get wet: If the mask is wet or excessively dirty it will not work properly, so it will not be protecting you properly. You must keep it dry and clean.

If you experience difficulty breathing or dizziness, you should leave the contaminated area and remove the N95  respirator immediately.

If you use the mask to avoid getting sick, its use will be unique. After leaving the infected area remove the mask and throw it in a container.

Washable and reusable: If you want a n95 mask that is washable with filter and reusable, you must make sure that it can be changed for another that is PM 2.5.

Is it true that the n95 Mask can be reused?

On the record, N95 PM2.5 masks that happens to be approved by FDA are labelled as disposable. One can get it at n95 respirator mask uk pharmacy. Till now, several medical documents specify that they can be reused, although with nuances.

The n95 mask is reusable as long as it is used by the same person. Also, the times it can be used is limited.