Link Building Strategy: The complicated bit about any digital marketing strategy is the fact that the trends keep updating over time. What worked like magic three years back is hardly relevant anymore. So, business owners rely on their marketing partners to take care of digital solutions for skyrocketing growth.

When you hire professional SEO link building services, you are passing the baton on to professionals. But that should not stop you from getting your basic SEO premise right. This article breaks down some vital information that helps you understand what your hired link building agency is actually getting paid for.

What are broken links and how are they used by SEO link building services?

Broken links are basically dead links that lead to a broken page. You know, the ones that show you the 404 error. So, mending these links is still considered a top digital marketing solution from an SEO perspective. Nobody really wants to link to a dead page as it is detrimental for good user experience.

What your SEO link building services will aim for is to hunt out broken links in your niche. This in itself is quite a laborious process that you’d not be able to handle all by yourself. You’d definitely need to hire a top link building agency to get expert manpower. Once the broken link pages are acquired, your hired agency will go on to write fresh content for these dead pages and request the owners to link back to your own website – hence ‘mending the broken link’!

What you definitely need to know is that the process is made much faster with the help of powerful tools. These are generally paid tools, and even if you have the money, you would not have the know-how to use them for SEO. Hence it is recommended that you hire the best-suited SEO link building services to get professional help with SEO through broken link building. Some of the paid tools to maneuver this top digital marketing solution are:

  • Ahref’s Site Explorer
  • Screaming Frog
  • Moz’s Link Explorer

What are some tips to win broken links for SEO?

Broken link building is still one of the most scalable and reliable methodologies used by professional SEO link building services all around the world. The part where you reach out to a webmaster to replace a broken link with a backlink to your website can be daunting for you to handle. This is handled very smoothly by SEO project managers from a link building agency. For your understanding, here’s listing out some tips for winning broken links from webmasters –

business owners will try and mend broken links themselves, without consulting with professional SEO link building services. This often results in them reaching out to the wrong people. A sales guy will not even respond to your email. You need to get in touch with the owner and sell him the content you’ve curated on your website.

Build a strong relationship with the respective webmasters. This could be the key to implementing a top digital marketing solution for link building. So, start off with a polite introduction and general inquiries into the website in question. As you warm up to the webmaster, ask him for a link back with valid reasoning as to why your website content is suitable for his page.

Let the above tip not ruin your chances, please don’t write a long email! When we mean, be polite and build rapport, we don’t mean ‘write a long email trying to sell your content’. Your email outreach should be short, sweet and to-the-point. There is a heavy chance that you, as an entrepreneur do not have the time for this. Which brings us to reiterate that you must hire an SEO Link Building Strategy for a smoother campaign.


SEO strategists from a link building agency will go that extra mile to win over broken links. They will shower their appreciation on the page owners and get a heap of backlinks to further SEO. Don’t hesitate, just hire the best SEO link building services right away.