According to Statista, almost 4.54 billion users are there actively surfing the internet. But are you still keeping track of your space rental bookings, payments, etc manually? 

It’s time to move on as every business out there is adapting this change by making their business presence online. 

Wondering how to deal with this? The solution is incorporating space rental software to your business. 

The Space rental script is a customizable venue space rental software that acts as a bridge between the space owners and the guests. 

Solutions Of Space Rental Software

The space rental script can be customized to meet your exact needs. Some solutions include,

  • Coworking space software
  • Event venue space software
  • Meeting space software

Tech Stack Behind Space Rental Software

The success of the space rental script depends on how powerful it is to manage the traffic and activities on the site. 

To build an impeccable space rental software, it is important that it has to be made with advanced technologies. 

If you are about to build your own space rental software, make sure that they are built with technologies like React, Redux, Express Js, etc. 

Features To Be Considered While Building Your Own Space Rental Software 

Tech stack makes your software more powerful but features make it stand apart from the crowd. 

Design a space rental website having almost all the necessary features to improve the functionality and user experience of your site. 

Consider incorporating the following features while building your own space rental software or website,

  1. Hourly Booking

Hourly booking feature helps users to book the space for a number of hours they need at a particular date. It allows users to pay for the time they rent without having to pay for the whole day. 

  1. Managing Space Availability

This feature allows the space owners to make their venue spaces rentable for a specific period of time on specific days while filling their venue details on the website

  1. Advanced Search Filters

Give your customers the ease of booking their preferred space with the advanced search filters option. The search filters have a variety of filters that a user can use to find the exact space by eliminating other listings. 

  1. Multi-Language and Multi-Currency 

The Multi-Language and Multi-Currency feature helps you launch your space rental business globally. With this feature, users can switch to their local language and currency while visiting your website. 

  1. Payment Gateway

By integrating popular payment gateways like Paypal and Stripe, provide seamless payment transactions. And also using Stripe 3D secure feature can also help to protect user data while transaction. 

  1. Instant Book and Request To Book Option

As the name suggests, the Instant book option allows users to book the spaces instantly. And the request to book an option enables the space owners to accept the booking based on their preferences. 

When the user selects a request to book an option, the notification will be sent to the space owners. They have the option to accept or decline the request. 


We are nearing the end, hope you got some meaningful ideas out of it. Building a space rental website or software from scratch is a tedious process. 

A lot of space rental script available in the market to choose from. But picking up the best is going to benefit your business forever. Choose the best space rental software having all the above-said functionalities to make your business stay ahead of the curve.