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15 On-demand Business Ideas you can start and be successful in 2020

The growth of on-demand business in the past few years is skyrocketing as everyone loves to get their services at their doorstep. 

It made our lives simple and also efficient. As many of these on-demand services are tied to the mobile app, it increases the convenience of the users. 

After the success of Uber, Netflix, Airbnb, and some other on-demand businesses, it is proved that the on-demand business is the future of this digital era. Also, more and more businesses and entrepreneurs are moving towards starting their own on-demand business. 

If you are about to start your own on-demand business, it is necessary to know about the business model and various startup ideas that can help you gain success in this niche.

Business model of On-demand business

The Business model of any on-demand business consists of primarily 3 members,

  1. On-demand platform owners – They are the ones that act as a bridge between the service providers and the user. For example, Uber – Uber is an on-demand platform that connects the cab owners/drivers with the users. 
  2. Service providers – They provide the necessary on-demand service to the users and share the fee for the service provided with the platform owners. 
  3. Users – They are the ones who visit the platform to choose and book the service they needed. 

Let’s have a look at the 15 best on-demand startup ideas that you can make use of to generate a constant flow of revenue. 

  1. On-demand taxi business 

    As we all know about the great success stories of on-demand taxi businesses. Still, it is one of the best startup ideas for a budding entrepreneur. According to Statista, the revenue of ride-hailing business amounts to US$ 216,810m in 2020.

  2. On-demand food delivery

    The on-demand food delivery platform acts as an intermediate between the restaurants and the customer. The customer goes through the list of restaurants and orders food from their preferred restaurants. Also, the market growth of the food delivery business is expected to generate revenue of US$164,002m by 2024.

  3. On-demand grocery delivery

    The next impeccable startup idea is on-demand grocery delivery. It provides the customers ease to order the products online and get it delivered in a day. It became so much popular among users in a short period of time. 

  4. Plumbing service

    Gone are the days where you have to search for the plumbers to fix your pipes and other fixtures. The on-demand plumbing service lets you choose the type of service needed and the plumber will be at your doorstep. 

  5. Housekeeping business

    Keeping the house neat and clean is something we all love to do. But due to our fast pacing lifestyle, it is so hard to keep them clean. The on-demand housecleaning app lets you hire a person to clean up your house. This business is growing at an enormous rate.

  6. On-demand mechanic

    The on-demand app for mechanics connects the car owners with skilled mechanics. The user can log on to the app select the type of service needed, date and time. The mechanic show up at the appointed date and time, get the work done.

  7. Healthcare on-demand 

    Health is wealth. Everyone loves to be taken care of. The on-demand health care app does the same. It allows the users to get personalized health care advice from the experts whenever needed. 

  8. Beauty service

    The on-demand beauty service is becoming so popular among the current generation and it tends to grow further. The beauty service app allows you to book an appointment with the beautician at your preferred date and time. Once the appointment is fixed, the beauty care specialist will arrive at your doorstep. 

  9. On-demand learning app

    The success of Udemy is the proof that this industry is one of the best startup ideas for an entrepreneur. The learning app provides the users with various fields of study that they can choose and allows them to learn anywhere, anytime.  

  10. On-demand parking

    As we all know that the vehicle usage has been increasing day by day. But the tedious process is finding the parking space for the car. The on-demand car parking app helps you to find and book the parking spaces. This business is booming as it has been a great help.

  11. On-demand fitness app

    People these days are a fitness freak. But they don’t have the time to go to the gym or seek advice from their nutritionist. The on-demand fitness app allows the user to get the personalized fitness and nutrition guide from the experts.

  12. On-demand babysitters

    The business model of the on-demand babysitter app is that they connect the babysitters with the parents. The parents may have to run to the office or having a last-minute plan and need to leave the child back home can utilize this service to take care of their child. Before signing into the platform the babysitters are screened to make sure that the platform us safe to operate.

  13. On-demand laundry app

    Gone are the days when we have to visit the laundry store and seek their service. Today with the on-demand laundry app we can book the laundry service at our preferred time. They also offer door to door dry cleaning services also.

  14. On-demand dating app

    People are now changed their way of meeting and dating a person. The on-demand dating app connects the users with the strangers whom they can chat with or even they can go out with. Tinder is one of the best examples of an on-demand dating app. 

  15. On-demand video streaming app

    Experts have predicted that the tv programs are about to die as everyone moves towards online platforms. On-demand video streaming platform like Netflix has gained a huge fanbase. So starting a career in this kind of business can provide you a great advantage over other business models out there. 

Having said the list of best on-demand startup ideas then it solely depends on you to choose the domain you like and start your career. In case if you need any service regarding developing any of the above-said on-demand app, engage with our on-demand app solutions

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