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Any company in today’s competitive world needs to make use of vital opportunities and take the right decisions. Business valuation is a very important job that business owners and even individuals need to perform in order for the business to thrive. A business needs to look for expansion opportunities, go in for strategic alliances and much more to improve its current condition and generate more revenue. The transactions, evaluations and formalities involve a lot of work that needs to be handled professionally by financial advisory services and business evaluation services.

Some of the reasons why every company needs a business evaluation to be done:

  • To develop strategies to improve profitability and increase the overall value of the business.
  •  To understand the worth of the business.
  • To determine the values of the share of an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan)
  • To evaluate offers and negotiate accordingly in case it is needed to be sold.
  •  To justify to the shareholders, the per-share equity value.
  •  To value a portfolio of IP
  •  To recognize weaknesses in the business and take appropriate steps to work towards improving that aspect.
  • For funding agreements and to obtain loans and finance from banks and otherwise.
  •  For purposes of litigation support, to determine lost profits, economic damages and other damage and fraud-related issues.
  •  To sort out issues related to tax.
  •  To value the business in case of business bankruptcy.

These are just a few of the key reasons for the need of business evaluation and advisory services.

Businesses have several complex processes to handled with matters of valuation of Intangible assets and Intellectual property to corporate advice regarding mergers, prices of shares and a lot of other key factors. Businesses need to hire financial advisory services. Business valuation involves complex financial analysis and needs qualified experts to do them so that they are flawless and gives you the correct valuation. A majority of these transactions can have several implications like legal angles and business angles, to take the company to a better stage than it is in now. All the research,planning, consultancy and analysis is where the professional corporate advisory services and financial advisory services come in. Business owners often try to reduce the cost and seek services that cost less than the usual service prices. But they miss out on several important benefits of comprehensive analysis and reports done by certified professionals. Companies may feel that they won’t need such services but paying for these services can help the business in a lot of ways that you couldn’t even imagine. Hiring the right services helps businesses to minimize financial risks, minimize potential tax, negotiate funding agreements and take care of many more key aspects of a business.

Companies often need the restructuring of operations or financial statements to revamp the current situation and bring about necessary changes. Restructuring is often a key aspect and needs to be looked at from a professional point of view and proper valuation of a business and other assets. Professional financial advisory services like Spring Galaxy are here to do it all for you, helping you focus on the areas of priority according to the advice and planning.


Financial advisory services along with transaction advisory services are important for a company in several ways:

  • Valuation of intangible assets and intellectual property to give the overall value of the business or company.
  • Consultancy for the rehabilitation of industrial units that are not functioning properly and is running losses.
  • Making preparations for joint ventures and strategic alliances that are best suited to the needs of the business.
  • Project counselling and all research and analysis before any investments or deals.
  • Corporate restructuring to freshen things up and give the business a new viewpoint if needed.
  • Raising foreign currency loans and loan syndication.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.


Spring Galaxy is one of the most trusted and dependable Financial modelling and transaction advisory services with corporate offices in Singapore and Malaysia. If you are looking for companies that offer expert business valuation services and transaction advisory services then Spring Galaxy may be the solution you are looking for.

With a host of esteemed clients spanning across public sector companies, privately-owned companies, audit and law firms, investment firms and even government entities, they are one of the most reputed and trusted service providers in this category.

The team of expert professionals do in-depth analysis and research and come up with the appropriate solutions for client-specific business needs. They rely on the expertise and industry knowledge of the highly qualified and experienced professionals.

The company also has strategic alliances with a few firms as well. The company also provides business research services along with due diligence and all other support regarding business plans. Your business gets everything it needs.

Visit our website and get in touch to know more and place your business needs in the hands of a trusted company.

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