Gold is the symbol of wealth and ownership. People used to wear gold to show off their wealth and property. These days the most frequent question asked by many is how much gold bracelets 9-carat costs? When you visit a jewelry shop, the shopkeeper can answer the question. You can find out this answer online as well. It is important to know about gold before buying it. Make sure to go to a reputed and well-known company to shop in.

Different types of gold:

Gold jewelry is never pure gold. It is a mixture of different metals. These mixtures can change the color of the gold. Following are the different types of gold jewelry:

  • Yellow gold: Yellow gold is the most typical type of gold that women prefer to wear. It is a mixture of gold, silver, and zinc. This type of gold doesn’t require high maintenance.
  • White gold: White gold is an elegant type of gold. It is a mixture of gold and platinum. It is cheaper. It gives you a classic look. It goes with every type of dressing.
  • Rose gold: Rose gold is a durable type of gold. It is made by mixing gold, copper, and silver. It is an affordable type of gold easy to get.
  • Green gold: This type of gold is not frequently used. The green color is due to the mixture of gold and silver and sometimes copper. The silver makes it unique by giving the gold a green color.

What does gold bracelets 9 carats mean?

Carat is the measurement of purity. Gold bracelets 9 carat means that only 37.5% pure gold is used in the bracelet. The rest of the material used is a mixture of different metals. The work carat and karat were derived from the word carob seed, which was the measuring tool in the ornament market in the past. The gold jewelry is measured in grams. But it is important to mention the carats in the jewelry. The cost of gold fluctuates depending on its market demand.

Ways to test the purity of your gold jewelry:

You can easily test the purity of your gold jewelry whether it’s a bracelet, ring, earring or a chain. Following are some ways through which you can determine the purity of the gold at home:

  • Hallmark: Make sure to consult different sources to judge the genuine hallmark.
  • Weight: Gold is a heavy metal. You can easily feel the weight of pure gold in your hands.
  • Price: Comparing the price with other shops will give you the idea of the purity of gold.
  • Malleability: The malleability of the gold will determine its purity. As the gold is a soft metal and it bends easily.
  • The acid test: The pure gold will never react to acid.

Various types of gold bracelets:

There are many types of gold bracelets specially designed for your preferences. All these types of bracelets will give you a unique and chic look.

  • Bangle bracelets: They are not flexible and are available in a circular shape. They give you an elegant look. They are made of gold and other metals as well. You can add some color to give a fun look to it.
  • Beaded bracelets: These types of bracelets are the ideal one. They are stretchable. You can have a beaded bracelet in many colors according to your taste.
  • Link chain bracelets: These types of bracelets are very durable as they are made with chain links. They are trendy and unique.
  • Cuff bracelets: Cuff bracelets are bolder. They are similar to bangle bracelets. They are worn close to the wrist giving it a beautiful texture.