Mithai means a sweet that is generally made from the extracts of any cereals, fruits or dry fruits. These sweets are either just burnt or deeply fried. They are mouthwatering and wonderful to taste. People from different regions prepare different type of Mithai. Some sweets are prepared by finely molding the flour of any cereal, cutting into pieces and then cooking. In some cases, the flour is added with water and a solid paste is formed. This solid paste is deeply fried in the oil. So, people in Pakistan prepare different type of mithai. So, online a person can buy the best mithai in Lahore.

Sweets of Lahore

Some of the popular sweets of Lahore are rasgulla, gulab jamun, chocolate burfi, doda burfi, and other doce sweets. They can enjoy the taste of every sweet on any special occasions. People in Lahore enjoy eating sweets on the special occasions. Many other types of other sweets are available, that are fabulous. The best mithai in Lahore is available on the online shoppee.

Sweets from the online shopps from Lahore

They can also buy the doce of sweets that contain variety of sweets such as coconut ladoo, patisa, gulab jamun, rasgulla, amratti, almond ladoo, etc. These doce of sweets can be sent on any special occasions. People enjoy these sweets on special occasions.

These sweets are made of rich and quality ingredients that are well-mixed, fortified and molded and formed finely. The delicious coconut Ladoo is made of ghee, sugar and coconut. It is a perfect dessert and everybody can just resist eating it. They are carefully packed and sent it to the dear person.

Patisa is one of the best traditional recipes that melt into the mouth. Patisa is a delicious recipe made from the wafer layers of gram. The other rich ingredients of this recipe are glucose syrup, butter ghee and pistachios. The Almond heart burfi is made of rich ingredients of khoya, milk, and sugar and is prepared by crushing almonds. It gives an aromatic taste. It is made of special design and anybody can send this wonderful gift to friends, relatives on any special occasion.

The mithai shops in Lahore feature some of the best sweets. They can enjoy some more delicious recipe such as Gulab Jamun that is dipped in the sweet syrup and is made utmost sweet. It is also filled with Khoya and this sweet is really yummy. It is a sweet that is tempting. The Almond ladoo is one of the most mouthwatering and popular recipe in Asian countries. It is a grainy ball made of gram flour that is deeply fried and can be put into the mouth. So, in these ladoos, people add bits of almond also. The Mesoo is also a wonderful sweet that is made of gram flour and added with sugar, and ghee. So, it tastes just wonderful and it tastes wonderful.

In the mithai shop in Lahore, people can buy these sweets online and present it someone who is endearing. Some of the festivals that Pakistanis celebrate are Eid, Ramzan, Eid Zuha, etc. They can enjoy every moment of this occasion, eating these wonderful sweets.