Whether it’s flu season or just a common cold, employees require a medical certificate from a GP in order to access their sick leave. But what exactly do employees need to do and what details does the sick leave certificate need to provide? This blog will explain the requirements employees need to obtain an online medical certificate in Australia under the NES (National Employment Standards):

When can I ask for a sick leave certificate?

A workplace can ask its staff to provide evidence as to why they have been off from work at any time. This can also include absences for a total of one day. If an employee doesn’t provide their employer with a medical certificate when asked, they may not be entitled to paid sick leave.

Before an employee provides this evidence, employers need to check their current policies and agreements. This will give information as to when an employee needs to provide evidence and the type of evidence they need to provide.

How much notice do I need to give?

Each employee needs to let their employer know that they need to take sick leave and needs to be done as soon as possible. This can also include information such as the location of the hospital the employee is in. When taking sick leave and giving notice, an employee also needs to specify the amount of time that they think they will need to be away from work.

What does my medical certificate need to say?

The NES doesn’t specify the exact type of evidence which needs to be provided in order to obtain an online medical certificate in Australia. No requirement is mentioned that the medical condition of an employee needs to be detailed on their sick leave certificate. The AMA’s (Australian Medical Association) guidelines state that a medical certificate needs to include the following information:

  • The date that it was issued.
  • The date or dates which the employee will be unfit for work for.
  • The address of the medical practice that issued the medical certificate.
  • The name of the doctor that issued the medical certificate.

However, there can be situations where employees may need to provide more details or medical information such as:

  • If their employment has any safety compliance requirements.
  • When the employee is returning to work and if any claims need to be recovered.
  • If any workplace adjustments are required due to a persistent incapacity.
  • If there will be or has been an extended period of time the employee is away from work, or if their leave is required for an ongoing basis.

How can I get a medical certificate online?

Online healthcare providers allow patients to have a consultation with a medical practitioner via video conferencing equipment. After a quick assessment and if the doctor has determined the employee is unfit for work, they will be sent their medical certificate online to either print out or to send through to their employer.

Consulting with a GP via online chat is a convenient, easy and quicker way to get your online medical certificate in Australia. Search for an online healthcare provider today!