Canon has made a name for itself in the market today. It can be pitted against HP and Epson in the market. Canon is known to make the best of laser printers and inkjet printers, today. If your requirement is only black and white printout of documents, then the brand makes no compromises. However, there will be issues, no matter which printer you buy.

Why Canon Printer Goes Offline?

Printing does not always go as planned, as there will be issues. It does not matter; which printer you buy. So, it is better to get acquainted with various printer brands you will be using in future. Canon printer offline issue occurs very frequently. The moment, message comes on screen, that the printer is not working. The user gets horrified. However, everyone has to get a hang of it. These things will happen. In case, the user is not aware, how to fix these issues, then it becomes all the more frustrating. Tech supports all the world belonging to various brands are out there, to help as customer support. But, one can do many things on their own.

So, it is better to know about printer support. Today, there are many problems with printers. The problems and their solutions are all given below.

  • Reset Function of the Printer

The first thing, that any user needs to do is to reset the functions. Turn it off.  After some time, again turn it on. This is the first and foremost step to do it. Through just the reset function, a number of issues can be fixed. However, if there is some other complex technical issue, then it is different altogether.

So, the user just needs to hold the power button for a while. Allow the printer to completely shut off all the operations. The user can also remove the power cable from the printer socket. It will serve the same job. The device reboots in this manner. This is how, the printer can start working again. This is one of the primary ways, in which one can reset the function and solve the canon printer offline issue.

  • Secondly, moving to canon printer offline issue, one may find it happening, if by chance the cable gets disconnected. All the user needs to do is to plug the cable back into the ports. Also, try to check if the cable is working properly. Sometimes, there may be issues with the cable.
  • Set the Default Printer, on the networks. Many times, users forget to make the existing canon printer as the default printer. Under such circumstances, the printer shows offline. One has to try this out. There are few steps involved. Go to Start menu. Select Device and Printers. Right-click on the printer and set it as default printer.
  • If one is using Mac computer, then click on the Apple icon. Click the computer system preferences. One can then select printers and scanners. Right click on the side bar of the printer and click set as default printer. Try to print the document again. This is how, it all works.

There are many more ways, through which one can solve the issue related to cannon printer offline.

  • If the toner or ink has finished, then also the printer can go offline.
  • If paper is jammed in the paper feed, then also it can show, printer offline.
  • Generally, resetting a few times can make it work all over again. If it doesn’t, then one needs to report to the customer are.

All About Canon IJ Setup

Many of the users, who are not well-acquainted with computers will ask what this is all about. Making matters easy, Canon makes some great devices which can be termed as All-in-ones. These printers can function in multiple ways. These comprises of cloud ready printers as well. So, one can print from any location, in the world, if they have internet facilities and load the document to cloud. Then., print the document right away. Some of the softwares, that have been manufactured for this purpose include softwares from sites like ij. start. Cannon. Some of these softwares are IJ Start Canon, IJ Scan Utility, Canon IJ Network tool and more.

The canon IJ setup is very now. The settings and icons are displayed on the screen. Once, the utility is purchased, things become easy. Once, you install the IJ Scan Utility, move on to the next few steps.

  • After, the user launches the utility tool, the name of the product displays on the screen. The user has to make sure to display the correct name of the scanner or printer. The user also has the liberty to change and rename the product. If a network printer is being used, the device has to chosen with care. The device would have been named as per the network in that case.
  • The second step entails, that auto feature performs a quick scan. Save the scanned data. Now, the user has the liberty to choose between the photos and documents concerned. It depends on what the user wants to scan.
  • The user in this case, can find the stitch option, where one can scan an image larger than the scanner plate. This function is really beneficial. The right and left side of the image can be scanned separately and then can be combined to create the original image.
  • In the preceding steps, under the Scan Gear menu, one can make changes to the scan settings. The settings feature, can help the user to pinpoint the scan type.

With so many functionalities, the ij.start.cannon can do pretty well. The program allows the user to configure the network settings. The user can then, connect the printer to the network. There are options to share it amongst various other computers in the same network. The printer can be shared across multiple users. However, many users cannot scan together. That would have created a mess of the entire process.

Now, in order to make use of this function, one has to keep certain things in mind. They are:

  • The printer or the scanner has to be kept on. Place the document to be scanned on the scanning plate. The printed side should face the glass of the scanner.
  • Open the Canon IJ Utility. Click on settings tab. Choose the folder, in which the file has to be saved.
  • Next the user, can select the auto icon position. The printer cum scanner will start scanning.
  • The image that has been scanned will be automatically saved in the desired folder.

This IJ scan function can be utilized for Windows as well as Mac.

Canon Printer Setup on Windows And Mac

  • Open the printer driver setup. This is the first step, that the user needs to perform. This has to be done through the application software. There are certain processes to be followed.
  • Select the Print file on the menu. That opens the print box.
  • Select the printer model.
  • Now, is the time to open the printer driver setup. This has to be done from the printer icon. If one is using Windows 10, then, select the Devices and Printers window.
  • If the user uses Windows 8, then click on settings and then control panel- hardware – printers.
  • The functions typically vary a little, with the version of Windows one is using.
  • After choosing the printer, the printing preferences need to be selected. The printer driver setup windows appear; after which everything is self-explanatory.

Canon Printer Setup on Mac is easy. A lot of it depends on the type of canon printer you have. If the printer supports Airpirnt, then it will be the best. If not, one needs to download the drivers directly from the original website from Canon. One needs to set it up on the Wi-Fi network. You can find the details on how to connect the canon printer on Wi-Fi, there is a separate set of instructions for that. Canon printer setup is very easy, so it can be done by anyone.

Steps to Install:

  • Open the AirPort Utility and find the utilities folder.
  • Then, the user has to select the base station. Add the password.
  • Add the WPS printer.
  • One can enter the PIN or select the ‘First Try’ option.
  • Click on continue to move ahead.
  • Click Done, once the mac address is configured.
  • Close the process.
  • Visit the system preferences. Click on the canon printer from the list of options. This method I pretty easy. So, anyone can do it.

In the same manner, user can add canon network printers to mac network. The main function is to link the USB cable. Choosing the Apple menu and moving ahead with the prompts is not too hard.

If all else fails, the technical support team is working 24x 7. They are always ready to help you. They have years of technical experience and can solve any problem in no time. If the user faces, problems, it is advisable to first solve them on his own. Otherwise, technical help is ready to help at any time.