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learning Mandarin

Language is an important identity of a community. It is the way to connect and share things with people. We share our feelings and emotions through a language. Hence, learning a language becomes necessary to express ourselves in a better way. 

People feel very comfortable in their native language. And they fear to learn a new language. But that should not be the case. In today’s global world, learning any new language can be very beneficial for you. But the first question which comes in our mind is ‘which language to learn’. That’s an obvious question as there are so many languages in the world and choosing one language is not an easy task. 

But there are some ways to choose the right language such as the popularity of the language, its usages, and importance in your life. Based on these factors you can choose the right language. 

Now come to the first factor- popularity. If we go by popularity then Chinese is the most popular language in the world. It is being spoken by billions of people all over the world. One of the main reasons behind the popularity of this language is the tremendous economic rise of China. But many people find it difficult to learn the Chinese language. People lack the motivation to learn a new thing.

So, if you want to learn a new language then first you have to find the reason and moto to learn it. 

Reasons to Learn Chinese

As we have discussed above, the Mandarin language is the world’s most widely spoken language. It is the native language of China. Along with China, it is being spoken in other countries as well such as Taiwan, Singapore, etc. These countries are growing very fast and there are a lot of job opportunities for people in these countries. Hence, learning Mandarin can be beneficial for you in grabbing a job in these countries. If you are a businessman then it will be an advantage for you as well. It is also a good option for foreigners who are working in China. With proficiency in the Chinese language, they can communicate with local people in a better way.

With a rich cultural heritage, China is also a favourite tourist destination. China is very popular for its cuisine, art, and history. And the best way to gain complete insights into the culture of a country is through interaction with its people. Without knowing the Chinese language, you cannot communicate with them properly. Hence, it becomes necessary to learn their native language. It also opens a career opportunity for you as a tourist guide. 

The above few reasons set apart the Chinese language as the most preferred language among learners. Once you develop an interest in any subject then it becomes very easy to get going and you will feel motivated to learn it.

Job Options After the Chinese Language

With the economic rise of China in recent times, employment opportunities in China have risen many folds for foreigners as well. The Chinese industry is growing at a rapid speed every year which in turns open vast opportunity for skilled people to grab a job in Chinese companies. One of the major impediments for many job seekers is the knowledge of the Chinese language. If you are an expert in the language then it becomes an easy task for you to grab a job there.

Chinese companies are doing very well on the global level and they have opened their offices and plants in different countries. Apart from that, many Chinese firms are involved in providing contract for their works. The Chinese market is expected to rise and become the economic power of the world. Hence, it will open vast opportunities for people to get a job. 

Apart from these jobs, there are other options which you can take up such as:

  • Marketing and Advertisement
  • Journalism 
  • Import and Export
  • Management


It can be said that China is a great market to start your carrier. And learning Chinese will open the door for you to get a job in their fast-growing market. With the needed skillset and knowledge of mandarin, you can easily get a job in the Chinese industry.

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