CCNA Training

A common question many students have as they embark on their CCNA Certification is whether they need or have a lab at home. This is actually a great question and if you ask 10 different people you will get 10 different answers. But I will try to give you my perspective on it as an IT field manager.

cisco certification

Firstly you will never go away from investing in yourself and your career. Secondly, if you really want to be proficient in working and changing you will need to get your hands dirty and actually do what you learn by reading your CCNA Training Guide or watching CCNA Course and get CCNA Training.

Now some people will say that you can get CCNA Certification, CCNA Course and CCNA Training. I would not argue that with certain tools they can be used. But what we’re talking about here is actually preparing you to get a job so you can work on CCNA and Cisco that change day by day and pay for it!

For Example

However, to get a craving for cisco courses, let me ask you a question. If you were a hiring manager and interviewed 5 different partners for your position on one operating network. They all have their CCNA certification. One of them got their CCNA for brain dumping (yes, as hiring managers we can tell you by asking a few simple questions if you used a brain dumping site to pass your exam or if you really know the property), so you’re out. The other two have taken a single teaching class leading the CCNA College. Also, we know they throw tons of information on you and you get good hands, but they use a lot of memorization techniques and teach you to pass the exam; not to put information in your head to store information for a long time.

So I’m not going to get them out, but I’m actually asking them a lot of technical questions to see what they’re keeping as most of the time. The next two people study materials. One has done it using a simulator like GNS3 or PacketTracer and the other has done it by building a home lab.