Orkon is specialized and mechanical grating providing organization. With the condition of-workmanship creation procedures and creation limit the brand has picked up fame over the modern items network of Abrasives, equipment and force instruments. The wide scope of ORKON items, offer an arrangements and build up the redid, top notch brushes you have to improve execution for any sort of need concerning the treatment of surfaces. Orkon product offering is arranged into cutting items, granulating items and surface cleaning items. In Orkon International we have both discount clients, for example, merchants and dealers just as Industrial clients who utilize our vigorous items for their necessary applications.

ORKON brushes are high expert items conforming to a few universal gauges including CE and EN measures. Parcel of research and study has gone in making each item structure and made for proficient individuals. Extraordinary brushes for every sort of modern application made on client’s demand.All brushes can be made with a fiber. Customized arrangements, adaptability and specialized help are our place of power.

The determination of the state of the item relies upon the surface on which you mean to work.

Cup : to deal with plain surfaces

Slope : for surfaces with corners and edges, it works best “sideways”

Wheel : to work sideways on tight, projecting or empty surfaces welded creases or cylinder closes.

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