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When choosing a SUV Tyre, you must also take into account its characteristics. For example, if you live in a region where it rains a lot, a rain tyre should be adapted. If you drive mainly in the city, it will be better to go to an urban tyre. On the contrary, if you are used to riding more in the field, on muddy ground for example, the off-road tyres will be rather recommended. Finally, you should know that it is quite possible to mount a tyre with a load index or speed higher than the value given by the manufacturer, but do not hope that it gives better performance to your vehicle! In reality, it will not change anything.
You must read the descriptions of the different SUV tyres before making your choice. You will see that there are tyres suitable for all types of driving and all types of soil. It only remains for you to choose the tyre that best suits your situation.
It should also be known that, apart from these characteristics, the tyres can also have their own specificities. Here is an overview of the ones you will have to look at carefully:


If you had run-flat tyres as original equipment on your vehicle, you have the obligation to replace them with other run-flat tyres. On the other hand, if your vehicle is not homologated for Runflat tyres, you will not be able to mount this type of tyre instead of your standard tyres. Namely, it is imperative that your vehicle is equipped with TPMS to mount Runflat tyres.


Like the Runflat tyres, the Driveguards allow you to continue driving at 80 km / h over 80 km. But unlike runflats, they can be mounted on any vehicle, as long as it is equipped with TPMS.

with TPMS.


If you want to reduce your fuel consumption and your ecological footprint, you can choose green tyres. But beware, this type of tyre has a softer eraser, so it is not suitable if you have a 4 × 4 or a sports car, for example.


If you have a relatively heavy vehicle (station wagon, minivan, SUV, utility …), you can opt for reinforced tyres. They are equipped with much stronger materials than standard tyres, and a larger carcass. You will recognize these tyres with the symbol “RF“, “REINF” or “XL” drawn on their sidewall.


Before ordering your tyres, you will be able to compare two models according to the European labeling. It evaluates the grip on wet surfaces, the noise level outside and the energy efficiency of the tyre. This information is written on the tyre packaging.


There are organizations that perform official tyre tests and comparisons. The best known are ADACTUV-SUD or DEKRA TEST CENTER. The parameters tested are diverse: dry grip, wet grip, dry brake performance, wet braking performance, noise level, longevity, fuel consumption, etc.


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