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under-roof insulation blanket

The strength of any building lies in the insulation material used in. If we consider a ten-year-old house or building, it’s quite easy for heat or wind to enter due to the lack of high-quality insulation. Therefore, if you want to live a comfortable life in a luxurious home, then make sure you choose the best quality insulation material. Each type of insulation has its own properties, benefits, and uses, whether you go for under roof insulation blanket or thermal blanket insulation. Make sure you check the specification once before making any decision!

Here we have summarised some of the best points to consider while choosing the best insulation material for you. If you believe it rightly, surely, you will get the best insulation material for your home, office, or any residential building.

Table of Contents

6 Essential Points To Consider While Choosing the Right Insulation Material
Is Your Home Newly Built or Renovated?
Types of Insulation?
Know Material’s R-value?
Hire Professionals or Not?
Is Location Of The Building Matters?
What Material You’ve Used In Your Home?
The Bottom Line

6 Essential Points To Consider While Choosing the Right Insulation Material

1. Is Your Home Newly Built or Renovated?

If you’re planning to have thermal blanket insulation for your home, then options are wide-ranging, and you can choose any insulation you love the most. Make sure it meets the requirements outlined in the National Construction Code (NCC). Adding thermal insulation to an old home can be a little difficult, as there will be a lot of cavities to seal off.

However, getting the insulation for a new home is easy to perform and will give you longer-lasting results. So, before you come to any conclusion, make sure you know the requirements of your house.

thermal blanket insulation

2. Types of Insulation?

When you know the requirements of your home, then you have to decide the type of insulation, which works well for your home? As there are a lot of insulation materials available in the market, it becomes crucial for you to choose the best.

According to us, the most common and the best type of insulation is a foil-backed insulation blanket, which comes in soft rolls of varying lengths & thicknesses. This type of insulation suits between studs in unfinished walls or ceilings and is the most affordable type of insulation available at 30 cents per square foot.

Rest, depending upon your home’s requirements, choose the insulation material wisely.

3. Know Material’s R-value?

Another essential thing to consider while choosing the insulation material is knowing the R-value. R-value is basically the measure of a material’s ability to resist sun, wind, and heat transfer. Earlier to 1945, this was reported as “U-factor,” lower R-values means faster heat transfer rates. On the other hand, the higher the R-value a piece of insulation material has, the slower it transfers heat. So, make sure you check the R-value thoroughly.

Let us clear you one thing that some rooms in your home, like a garage, don’t need a high R-value. R10 & R20 is quite enough to retain heat and prevent loss from your home.

4. Hire Professionals or Not?

The proper insulating process is far more critical than the insulation material itself. Any insulation can work well if it is installed correctly. So, apart from choosing the insulation material, also think of choosing the best company or professionals to give insulation an elegant look.

The installers (professional) must fill every void, gap, and hole at the tops or bottoms of the roofs/walls. Make sure they have excellent installation skills that enable them not to compromise on the insulation’s performance while installing a “metal roof insulation blanket.

ceiling insulation blanket

5. Is Location Of The Building Matters?

The type of climate & location where your home, building is situated, determines whether you need insulation to keep heat in/out, or not! Knowing what’s required in your location will help you prioritize the insulation material, and will also determine the R-value you’ll need to meet.

As an instance, in hot areas, correctly installed reflective insulation is preferred over bulk insulation such as glass wool insulation sheet and mineral wool since it prevents heat from the roof/wall entering living areas during the day. Therefore, make sure you consider the location, too, while choosing the best insulation material.

6. What Material You’ve Used In Your Home?

The materials you’ve used in your home determine how much thermal mass it can deal with. Thermal mass is vital to know, particularly for solid building materials like cement & brick. These materials can store heat and lose it long after the surrounding temperature has fallen.

So, make sure you know the material used thoroughly, as it regulates the temperature inside your home, and enables heat, sun, wind to be allowed in.

under roof insulation blanket

Well, these are the main 6 points that you must consider. Apart from these, there are many more that you should also know, and we will explain to you in our next blogs.

The Bottom Line

It doesn’t matter; you are planning to have thermal blanket insulation or foil-backed insulation blanket in your home or building. If you take care of the considerations mentioned above, you will definitely achieve the best results. We know how much you can suffer if you are not having a luxurious life in your own home just because you lack the right insulation. Therefore, to help you choose the right insulation material and make the purchase carefully, we have summarised the key points to consider.

We hope you enjoy reading the post, and if you find any issue or want to know more, then drop us a message. We will get back to you soon.

Rest, if you have any suggestions or opinions in your mind, then don’t hesitate to share it with us. We appreciate your feedback.

Thanks For Reading! Good Luck For Your Home Insulation!

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