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If you are thinking of buying a new set of tyres then there are a couple of things you need to consider. One of these considerations is the price point of the tyre.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of all the price ranges of tyres:

Premium tyres:

Premium tyres are the branded tyres that have a long history in the tyre manufacturing industry. These tyres are manufactured using the latest technologies that ensure great performance and longevity. These tyres don’t wear out easily as these are made with the best formula. Various experiments are performed by engineers to ensure the absence of any flaw. Their superior quality ensures up to 30 thousand miles. Moreover, these consume less fuel compared to other tyres, which helps you save a lot of money. Studies show that premium tyres save up to 7.2 per cent fuel when compared to economy tyres. Initially, you may think these are way too pricey but these are worth the pay as these last longer. Think of it as an investment. Bridgestone Tyres Finchley is well known for manufacturing premium tyres for average drivers.

Mid-range tyres:

Mid-range tyres are less expensive than premium tyres. These are perfect for the car users who want to buy a quality tyre with a lesser price. Mid-range tyres are mainly made up of similar material to that of premium tyres but with different technology. These mid-range tyre brands are not as famous as premium tyres. However, they are very dedicated to improving their quality. The grip offered by mid-range tyres is excellent. These are a great option if you drive your vehicle frequently but do not demand too much from it. Dunlop is a popular example of mid-range tyres.

Economy tyres:

Budget tyres are cheap when compared to mid-range and premium tyres. However, they don’t offer great quality. These tyres are manufactured by small scale tyre manufacturing companies. Their main aim is to manufacture tyres at a lesser price. Technologies used to make these tyres are very simple. These use cheap materials that can wear out easily. Studies show that premium tyres have greater longevity than budget tyres in the same driving environment. This is because these are prone to damages because of their low-quality material. However, these tyres Barnet follow all the mandatory safety requirements. These are not made up of old rubber just the process used for manufacturing is not the best. It works just fine for those who don’t drive their vehicle regularly.

If you use your vehicle daily then budget tyres won’t be the best option for you as these wear out easily due to the low-quality material used. Hence investing in a high-quality tyre is a better option as these don’t wear out easily. Initially, you might think of saving money but these wear out very quickly and you will end up buying another set of tyres.

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