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Christmas gift ideas for the best people on your list

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We know you are starting to panic. With only a few weeks left until the holiday, you still need Christmas gift ideas for some people on the list: the babysitter you want to keep happy, the co-worker in the office, the in-laws who have everything, the new nephew or niece who sincerely has too much for someone so small.

Gifts for young people

The babies

Gift philosophy: this is the perfect time to give away a souvenir.

Purchase strategy: jewelry stores, art and craft stores, high-end department stores, local gift boutiques, home decor stores, and large stores probably have the best Christmas gift you are looking for.

For example souvenirs in sterling silver, a personalized box for booties or a rattle, a thin blanket, a quilt, a sphere of engraved snow or a jeweler.

The teenager

Gift philosophy: teenagers are getting rid of childhood ornaments, but they usually retain a sense of caprice. Meanwhile, they are rediscovering some freedoms. Please them.

Purchase strategy: stores aimed at young adults such as Urban Outfitters, wellness and body care stores, technology stores such as Apple Store and Radio Schack, department stores probably have the gifts you’re looking for.

For example: think of a perfume or cologne, a pocket song mixer, makeup, headphones with animal ears, furniture made with skateboards, a trophy with a unicorn head, a huge nail art kit, a leather bag, Semi-jewels, a zombie survival kit or a Swiss army knife.

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Gifts for family and friends

Distant relatives

Gift philosophy: you see them probably once a year. It is time to strengthen family ties and think outside the usual stores.

Purchase strategy: Photo stores are useful for reproducing photos or old hunting tapes and often sell items such as frames and file boxes. Monogrammed gifts can be found in local boutiques, department stores, and kitchenware and home decor stores like Potter Barn.

For example: reprint a family photo and frame it for them. Copy and aunt’s recipe cards so everyone can eat the fruit cake.

The in-laws or the parents of your partner

Gift philosophy: you want the in-laws or parents of the important person in your life to feel comfortable around you, so give gifts of comfort.

Purchase strategy: high-end store stores, stores specializing in bedding, wellness and body care stores, household goods stores and even some pharmacies may have the gift you are looking for.

For example: try microfiber gowns or stuffed with feathers, cashmere slippers, heated sofa, essential oil pillows or lavender eye pad or a bag to heat pajamas.

The people who have everything

Gift philosophy: they already have everything they want, so what’s left? Consumer gifts

Purchase strategy: stationery stores, spas and boutiques, gourmet food stores and home decor stores probably have the gifts you want.

For example: opt for stationery, imported toiletries, special foods, herbal tea, sugars with exotic flavor or even a well thought out the calendar or themed napkins for cocktails. If it’s a relative, try a family favorite that only they would understand, such as baking grandma’s cookies.

The nanny, domestic worker or nanny

Best Christmas gift philosophy: the people who help at home are usually as close as the family. Give gifts that remind you of the link.

Buying strategy: jewelry stores, store stores, book stores, gift boutiques, specialty stores such as Brookstone or even local visitor centers could have the gift you are looking for.

For example: try jewelry with messages, symbolic or encumbered, or a digital photo frame with several images loaded with photos or a book that mentions internal jokes. Share your last name: give with a family tartan or with an embroidered pillow that says something about your family’s identity.

The hairdresser, tailor or mechanic

Gift philosophy: don’t fool yourself, they work hard to live, you need their services and you know they will appreciate a tip for the holidays.

For example: bring money, the amount you would usually spend on your service on a visit and possibly some cookies that you have prepared.

Gifts for work

Secret Gift Exchange

Gift philosophy: think of something impersonal but useful, let them personalize it.

Purchase strategy: book store, office supply stores, department stores, luggage stores, organizer stores, high-end department stores, and local boutiques are likely to have the gifts you’re looking for.

For example: consider a small frame for the coworker’s desk, funny but useful task list notes, keyboard and screen cleaner, an elegant pen, a personal card container, a Moleskin notebook, designer sticky notes or maybe a red Swingline stapler.

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The boss

Gift philosophy: you want to show appreciation, but you don’t want to go through an adult. Think of something current and fashionable, but stylish.

Purchase strategy: spas, boutiques, wellness, and body care stores, department stores, department stores, home decor stores, jewelry stores, and discount stores.

For example: look for a set of toiletries, a personalized cup, a retro or play curio tray, the sculpted bookends, Chinoiserie box or bowl or a money clip.

Gifts for celebrations

The inevitable surprise guest

Gift philosophy: of course you want something under the tree for everyone. Think of small luxuries, but the kind of items you don’t usually buy, but that would help turn a house into a home.

Purchase strategy: high-end department stores, interior decoration stores, discount stores such as TJ Max or Marshalls, luggage stores or department stores where you could find the gift you want.

For example cut glass ornaments or glass plates, small graphite sculptures, luxury brand key chain, a jewelry box or a toiletry bag.

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