Your hair gives a spruced-up look by an extraordinary hairstyle and hair cut. The use of hair color also gives a unique look to your personality. You get an overall transformation by trying a new hair color. Once you embrace a hair color it makes the maintenance of hair a tough job. You should use the best quality hair color that is ammonia-free and then use the best color safe dandruff shampoo to retain the color and maintain the quality and strength of hair.

   As you color those strands of hair and change the color from Black to color that suits your face your hair care routine also changes. You have to bid adieu to your favorite shampoo and embrace a shampoo that protects the color.

   The excess use of hair color damages your hair and scalp. The hair color makes your hair brittle and frizzy. Before using the hair color you an assessment of the health of your hair, whether they will be able to withstand the hair color or not. You should follow a strict hair clean routine. You should shift to a shampoo that protects your hair from harmful effects of color. You should use a shampoo that manages your hair by keeping them smooth and silky. Hair color is harsh on hair.

   Dandruff arises on the scalp of hair due to many reasons and the use of hair color may be one of the reasons. Dandruff could be dangerous if not checked as it spreads to eyebrows, facial hair and maybe the reason for the eruption of pimples. You should choose colored hair dandruff shampoo carefully. It should contain ketoconazole. This ingredient is available safe and easily available. It is highly formulated for colored hair. It focuses on the overall health of the scalp and hair.

   This shampoo should be used daily. It should be only two times a week. It should be massaged gently with fingertips to loosen the skin flakes on the scalp. You should balance the use of shampoo as excess use of shampoo fades away the hair color.

   The shampoo could be harsh on your hair so you should use a conditioner after the use of shampoo. The conditioner should be applied to the strands of hair and not on the scalp. The conditioner helps to retain the moisture of hair and make them smooth and silky. The conditioner is used to reap the benefits of the shampoo. You should check the ingredients of the product as it should not contain coal tar. Coal tar is not good for color-treated hair as it imparts an ugly discoloration to the hair.

   If the dandruff treatment shampoo does not affect then you should consult a doctor. The topical steroid treatment solves the problem by reducing the secretion of excess oil that is the root cause of dandruff. You should cover your colored when you move in direct sun. The harmful rays of the sun tend to make your hair dry and brittle. They should be covered by a hat or cloth to protect them from the heat of the sun.