Halloween always brings some really creepy, freaky, crazy and funny faces. You can never run out of adjectives when it comes to Halloween. So if you are heading for a video game character-themed Halloween party, you have so many different choices available that it would be very hard to choose. When it comes to horror characters from video games, there is basically no limit, everything is about your imagination and how wild can it be. The magic of wholesale coloured contact lenses non-prescription is wonderful to have when you are looking to become a freaky video game character.

This is a list of some of the most popular video game characters. Some are horrifying, while some are pretty crazy while some are fan favorites. You choose whatever you like.

  1. Alma Wade from F.E.A.R

F.E.A.R has been some gaming series out there that give birth to one of the most, seemingly cute, horrifying characters in the gaming world. A psychological horror-thriller game that had this little monster, Alma Wade, terrorize you throughout the series.

A girl born with psychic abilities who was later tested upon by some scientist turned into a monster. Somewhat like the Samara Morgan from the Ring.

It is pretty easy to dress up as Alma Wade, a red dress and black hair almost covering the face. But the best part is the special coloured contacts that would bring this horror character into the real world. The use of yellow Halloween contact lenses or the red contact lenses would do just fine.

2. Tomb Raider – Lara Croft.

A female superhero and boy would you love to be here for the day. On Halloween that would be the best day for you to dress up as one of the most iconic video game characters of all time.

This game became so popular that the whole world got crazy about it. Lara croft an adventurer and a powerful woman go on a quest to find hidden and forgotten artifacts.

If you want to look anything like Lara Croft the tomb raider then all you need to do is get some adventure suit ready and proper adventure gear. Some fake guns and a bow and arrow would do great. Remember to wear some cool coloured contact lenses such as the blackout contact lenses to put some effect in your Lara Croft outfit.

3. Devil Jinn – Tekken

Tekken is one of the most played games of all time and still it remains maybe the top 5 played games in the world right now.

When you talk about Tekken you cannot forget to mention one of the most important characters of the Tekken storyline. The fighter named Jinn. Well, in this case, we are talking about the devil jinn. This guy jinn gets his mind completely overtaken by the devil gene and he becomes more demon-like.

His appearance is quite scary, cannibalistic like. This devil jinn grows some horns around his head and some huge wings. But the most terrifying part is his eye that goes completely evil, that would scare anyone.

I mean you can always dress up as one of the most famous video game characters of all time. Just get a pair of fake black wings and horns on your head. All there is left to do is use the red and black sclera coloured lenses and your devil jinn is ready.

4. Laura Victoriano Reborn – Evil Within

Laura Victoriano had a very troublesome life and when she comes back or when she is reborn, she takes a very damning appearance, one that would make this game too much for kids. This dead girl is reborn by her brother in a claw handed creature, well too many creepy hands for comfort. Her hair is almost like Samara Morgan and face as pale as a dead person.

This particular costume would take some doing as you would need quite a few claw hands. But, with that, some Black Sclera contact lenses are a must for this look to actually work for you. Once you get the contact lenses right, Laura Victoriano will be vying for vengeance on Halloween.

5. Kratos – God of War

This game has been there for more than a decade and still is quite popular among its fan base. The storyline of this game was quite interesting as it involved greek mythology and some real action. Kratos the lead character of this game want to take back what he lost and goes on a rampage against the Gods.

Kratos costume is pretty awesome for Halloween if you ask me. A man against the mythical Greek Gods and who has a very scary appearance as a warrior. If you could get the dress right and the face paint all there remains is the eye contact lenses. Whiteout or blind white contact lenses would do just fine.