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The clean and workable toilets are easy for convenience and are efficient, but they may be frustrating if they become problematic. So if you have a great toilet that stops to fail to work the way it should, you don’t need to worry.

Steadily running, leakage or slow filling toilets can be irritating. The good thing is that various and the most basic toilet problems and issues, you can fix yourself. If the problem is significant and you cannot fix it, hire some professional plumber, like the best plumbers in Canberra.

You can get rid of common toilet issues yourself. Not understand? Continue reading the article.

Table of Contents

Toilet Problems You Can Fix Yourself
Continuous running of the toilet
Toilet leakage
The toilet flush is not working properly
The handle is jammed or loose
Water leaking from the tank’s side
Final thoughts

Toilet Problems You Can Fix Yourself

Continuous Running of the Toilet

When a toilet is continuously running, it signifies that water is being consumed by getting continually pumped through the fill valve. This problem normally begins in the flush tank.
Open the cover to the tank and flush the toilet to see if the flapper is closing properly. If the tank is not filling, you need to replace the flapper or if the flapper still appears to be in good shape, you may have to replace the whole flush valve parts.
If the tank is filling as it should and water is going into the overflow tube, then the fill valve may need to be cleaned or replaced.

blocked drain plumber canberra

Toilet Leakage

Leaky toilets should be corrected as soon as possible to prevent it from damaging your flooring. Leaks can come from different spaces, so you may have to examine your toilet. Below are the most common causes of leakage and what to do about them.

Water supply valve – lightly tighten the water supply valve. If there is a loss in the supply line, you will have to replace the line.
Leak between the tank and the bowl – check to see that tank and bowl are tightly bolted together and tighten bolts if necessary. You may need to replace bolts and gaskets. If there is any discharge in the tank, you may need to repair the tank.
Leakage where the toilet meets the floor, examine the mounting nuts to see that toilet is in the correct position and adjust if necessary. If the tank is damaged, you may have to replace the tank or the toilet.

Toilet Flush is not Working Properly

If the toilet is not flushing because it is blocked, turn off the water supply valve and unclog the toilet.
If the toilet is not blocked but still not flushing, check inside the tank to see if the lift is attached accurately, and rectify it if required. Make sure that the flush handle is tight completely and that the flapper is sealing as it should.
If the toilet flushes, but not completely, check that there is not too much slack in the lift chain and that the flapper is fixed correctly.

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blocked drain plumber canberra

Jammed or Loose Handles

If the flush handle is jammed in the down position, check if its mounting is too tight, slightly loose it if required. Additionally, make sure that the chain is connecting accurately.
If the flush handle is also loose, lightly tighten it and make clear there exists no debris or build up around the bolt of the handle.

Water Leaking from the Tank’s Side

Inspect the tank and look for cracks. If there’s a crack within the tank, you would possibly need to replace it or the whole toilet.
The water may be dripping if the tank is still in good condition. The condensation might be due to cool water entering the toilet tank in the humid and warm space of the bathroom. Turn the fan on or install one for correct ventilation.
This precipitation may also be caused by a leaking flapper. When this happens, your tank will regularly drain, for this problem, you may have to replace the flapper.

blocked drain plumber canberra

Final Thoughts

We hope that the above-mentioned points will help you to fix some of the common toilet problems. You can fix these issues yourself and restore your toilet to normal function. The drainage system is the critical part of your property and it always needs periodic maintenance. If it is not maintained well, this can be very frustrating and destructive for your property whether it is sink drain or the sewer drain and will lead to expensive repair bills.
When your toilets and tanks are too slow to get empty, it is better to fix them now otherwise it will lead to big problems. If the issue persists or it is not that simple as it seems, you can call some professionals like Canberra blocked drains services having knowledge and the skills to solve these problems.
For more queries and suggestions, please write us below in the comment section and we will be happy to hear from you.

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