There are many surgical procedures that are optional to perform. They neither have advantages nor disadvantages during the initial stages. But if they are done can be beneficial for the patient. Although the doctors and surgeons recommend the procedures the end decision is totally up to the person and his/ her loved ones. But you can feel confused about making the decision.

What is Adult circumcision surgery?

Same confusion comes across when men are deciding whether to have the Adult circumcision surgery or leave the penis uncircumcised. Before coming to a conclusion; you have to know the procedure of the surgery.

  1. The surgeon gives anesthesia to the patient.
  2. When the male is completely relaxed; various tools are used to remove the access skin of the penis.
  3. The incisions are closed according to the apparatus used.
  4. After the surgery care must be taken to avoid complications.

Considerations about Circumcision confusion

If you are still confused about whether to have the surgery or not; there are some considerations that need to be thought out if you really want o to decide for the surgical procedure. Below are the differences between the circumcised and uncircumcised penis; along with the advantages and reasons for having the circumcision surgery. Here are 10 considerations to think over.

Difference in Appearance

The main difference comes in the appearance of the penis. The uncircumcised penis has the foreskin attached to the tip. It is like a hood on the penis; covering it completely. When the penis is erected the skin retracts revealing the tip. But the circumcised tip is visible all the time; whether the penis is erected or not.

Is there a change in size?

The attached skin makes the penis look huge because the skin covers the whole of it. But when the skin is stretched back; the organ looks the same as the circumcised penis. After the male has their surgery; the penis looks the same before and even after erection. Before circumcision the penis looks bigger and after it becomes slightly thinner.

It affects the Hygiene

As the uncircumcised penis is covered in the skin from top to bottom; it becomes difficult for men to thoroughly clean it. This develops hygiene problems and men can suffer from different infections and diseases. But a circumcised penis can always be kept clean as the foreskin is not covering the tip and one-third of it.

Any Change in Sensitivity

There is an overall impression that when men have their circumcision from clinics like Circumcision Center; their intensity of sensitivity increases. But there are uncircumcised men who say that they have felt the same intensity just as the others. According to this theory, men have experienced no change in sensitivity after they have been circumcised.

Is Fertility Disturbed?

The penis has nothing to do with the problem of fertility; as it is concerned testicles. The disturbance infertility depends upon the lifestyle you have and the diet you take. No evidence has been suggested that the removal or having the foreskin on the penis affects fertility. If there is any problem with your fertility then having circumcision will not solve the problem.

Control over STIs

Today, you will be surprised to know that sexually transmitted infections are spreading faster than any other illness. This is because people are more indulged in unprotected sexual activities. Researchers have found out women who have sex with circumcised men; are at lesser risk of having the infections. The spread of infections can’t stop but it can be reduced to the maximum.

Less Risk of Penile Cancer

There are several reasons as to why men develop penile cancer. These include; not cleaning the penis properly, HVP infection, Phimosis, age over 60, not having circumcision, using tobacco, AIDS and having sex with may partners. When are being circumcised; you can avoid many of the diseases and infections that are related to sexual activities and especially you can take better care of your sanitation.

Know the reasons

You have to look into the various reasons behind the circumcision surgery. There are many men you have the procedure for religious reasons. Others have cultural pressure on them. Some want to look attractive to their partners. But the most important cause is that men are saved from several diseases and infections.

The Use of Condom

After the circumcision surgery, men can easily use the condom. The surgery doesn’t affect whether you had the surgery or not. The condom can do well on both the circumcised and uncircumcised penis.

Overall Analysis

Adult circumcision surgery depends upon various different factors which are in details discussed above. But the ultimate choice is yours to make. Whatever diseases and illnesses that men have can occur in uncircumcised and circumcised alike. The difference is that men should be more careful and have the surgery to be on the safer side.