Antibodies are the microbiological substance which activates against the bacteria and sometimes protozoa to either kill them or to stop their growth.  PCD pharma franchise company Fitwel will explain the contribution of antibiotics in human life in detail.

Antibiotics as a medicine are created from the antibacterial substance to convert them in to medicines which helps body to kill certain types of bacterial and prozoal infections. Antibiotic word is taken from the Greek language which actually means against life. Ironically it saves lives of millions of humans infected from dangerous bacteria life forms like

  • Mycobacterium tuberculosis is a pathogenic bacteria species primarily active in mycolic acid. The bacteria was discovered originally by Robert Koch in eighteen eighty two. This bacteria majorly attacks the lungs tissues and stops lungs activity. Mycobacterium tuberculosis possibly evolved in Africa and spread up all over the world from there. BCG or bacille calmette – Guerin vaccine was developed as an antibiotic medicine for Mycobacterium tuberculosis which has been successful in preventing the bacteria.
  • Streptococcus word is made of two different words taken from two different languages strepto is a Greek word which loosely means twisted and coccus is taken from Latin which means seed so the word roughly translates as twisted seed derived in eighteen seventy seven by Albert Theodor. Streptococcus bacteria has over fifty species in different life forms which causes different diseases both in humans and animals.
  • Pseudomonas is a gram negative bacteria discovered in eighteen ninety four by Walter migula the bacteria has one hundred and ninety one species in different life forms causing infections in all life forms like human, animals and plants.
  • Shigella bacteria is a gram negative bacteria first found in eighty ninety seven and named after kiyoshi shiga who discovered it. This bacteria is responsible for the e-coli infection which causes diarrhea. Shigella bacteria is so dangerous that cases above eighty to one sixty-five millions has been reported due to this bacteria.
  • Campylobacter is also called curved bacteria which is usually a poultry based bacteria which contaminate the poultry and commonly cause a food bourn disease. Some strains like c. fetus cause abortion in animals like sheep and goats where as some strains like c. lari cause recurrent diarrhea in children.
  • Salmonella bacteria includes over twenty six hundred stereotypes causing different infections in different life forms. This bacteria first discovered by an American veterinary surgeon named Denial Elmer salmon I nineteen hundred two. This bacteria is responsible for typhoid fever.

Some of the most common disease caused by the bacteria are as below.

  • Tetanus is a bacterial infection also known as lockjaw. The most common symptom of muscle spasm but sometimes can show symptoms like fever, sweating, headache, swallow troubles, high blood pressure and fast heart rate. The symptom may see in three to twenty one days after infection and can be prevented by tetanus vaccine. The vaccine was developed in nineteen twenty four which was almost forty years after the disease first determined in eighteen eighty four by Antonio Carle and Giorgio rattone.
  • Diphtheria is an infection caused by cornebecterium diptheriae. The bacteria starts to show symptoms within three days of infection which usually starts with cough and sore throe and develops a grey-white patch in the throat which block the airway and creates a different cough sound like bark. Diphtheria vaccine is to be given with tetanus vaccine in childhood and recommended to be given in every ten years for better prevention of the bacteria.
  • Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by bacterium treponema pallidum. The symptoms depend upon the stage in which the person got the infection. First stage being skin ulceration to the second stage which shown diffuse rashes in palms or soles of feet. Third stage normally shows no symptoms at all and fourth stage cause neurological and heart problems. The antibiotic used to prevent syphilis is benzathine benzyl penicillin injection in the muscle.
  • Bacterial vaginosis is a bacterial infection caused by excessive growth of bacteria inside the vagina. Common symptoms are increased vaginal discharge usually smells like fish. Urinary burning may occur during the infection. The treatment antibiotics are clindamycin or metronidazole. Sometimes probiotics also helps in the prevention of this bacteria.
  • Bacterial meningitis in new born babies is caused by streptococci bacteria present in vaginal parts of the mother. Also e.coli bacteria presence in digestive tracks can be transferred to the new born babies. The disease causes an acute inflammation of proactive membrane covering brain and spinal cord. Vaccine like pneumococcal are given to the new born for the prevention of disease.

The Idea of antibiotics came to Paul Ehrlich in eighteen eighty in Germany. He found out that certain dye colors the human, animal and bacterial cells while other don’t and this thought urged him to create chemicals that would work as a specific drug for a certain bacteria and do not harm the human body cells. After a hundred tests and experiments, he finally developed an antibiotic chemical called arsphenamine in nineteen hundred and seven. Since then the pharmaceutical companies are succeed to develop a thousand of antibiotics for different bacteria known to human.

PCD pharma franchise company has shared all important details about the antibiotics and how these products are turned out as life changing items in human life. If you still have anything to ask, go ahead and comment below.