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Convert MBOX File to CSV

Now query “how to convert MBOX file to CSV” format has been solved by using MBOX to CSV Wizard which is available with free demo edition so users can get complete satisfaction without any investment. The tool allows to convert MBOX to CSV (Comma Separated Values) in batch so that users can easily open converted MBOX files with MS Excel.

Little Information about MBOX Format

MBOX is a file extension that is capable to store email messages including multiple folders, attachments, inline images, email headers, and all email attributes. A lot of email clients support MBOX (or MBOX related) file format to manage their database such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, The BAT, Entourage, Turnpike, Earth Link, Berkeley, MailCopa, Chaos Intellect, Netscape Mail, Poco Mail, Eudora Mail, Mac Mail, Spicebird Mail, SeaMonkey, etc.

Little Information about CSV Format

CSV file format is known as Comma Separated Values which is used to manage tabular data i.e. Database and Spreadsheet. CSV file can be easily imported or export into several programs as Email Clients, MS Excel, OpenOffice Calc, etc. Users can make tables by using comma-separated values to manage their database, here is an example.

Income Jan, Income Fab, Income Mar

200 D, 300 USD, 350 USD

Benefits of MBOX to CSV Conversion

  1. Non-technical users cannot easily open MBOX files but after converting MBOX files into CSV format, they can easily access them with MS Excel or OpenOffice which is generally used by most computer users.
  2. Some corporate users want to convert MBOX to CSV Python so that they can easily access MBOX files with MS Excel.
  3. After converting MBOX to CSV format, everyone can easily read the information from CSV files because CSV file can be open with Microsoft Excel by double-clicking on it.
  4. CSV files can be easily imported into several programs and email clients so that users can access them with their favorite programs.

How to Convert MBOX File to CSV ?

There is a third party software named BitRecover MBOX to CSV Wizard which is recommended by most of the technical experts for converting MBOX files to CSV format as it is available in the online market from past few years so a lot of users are fully satisfied with this software.

MBOX to CSV Converter Features

  • It migrates MBOX to CSV as well as several other formats
  • The tool allows converting multiple MBOX files to CSV at once
  • It has the “Advance Search” option to convert selected mailboxes
  • The tool provides a separate option to manage attachments
  • It gives the facility to save converted CSV files at the desired location
  • MBOX to CSV converter supports all Windows Operating Systems
  • The tool supports conversion of different types of MBOX files to CSV
  • It creates healthy CSV file with the fastest speed

Convert MBOX to CSV Free

If you want to convert MBOX to CSV free of cost then just download free demo edition of MBOX to CSV converter which is able to convert MBOX to CSV free of cost with limitation as it allows to convert few emails from MBOX file to CSV format. But actually, the free edition is specially designed to provide user satisfaction before purchasing pro edition.

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