Durable Corrugated Six Corner Boxes

Corrugated boxes are made of the pulp which is extract from the pine trees. These boxes contain very good quality in manufacturing because the pine tree is very strong. It provides extra strength to the boxes as compare to the cardboard boxes. They are more preferable in the food industry. Fruits and vegetables can be stored in these Corrugated Six Corner Boxes for a long time. Hence, the corrugated boxes are also reliable in the transporting purposes.

In these boxes there are three to nine layers are present which make the inside product more protected. The layers are as follows:

  • Inside
  • Outside
  • Fluting

Flute is the additional layer which makes these corrugated boxes different from others. This layer is the heart of the box. The Custom Corrugated Six Corner Boxesare always appreciated due to the following qualities:


The boxes are very light-weight and very easy to lift. They are very easy to lift during loading and unloading of the material. The weight is just belonging to the product. The box is almost weight-less.


The box contains layers to protect the product. These layers improve the endurance and durability of the box. Hence, these can be very useful for heavy fragile products.

Environmentally friendly:

The Corrugated Six Corner Boxes are Eco-friendly. Most of the time the material uses for packing destroy in one usage and it is not reusable. But the corrugated boxes can be used again for the packing purposes. Moreover, the boxes, newspaper, and used corrugated boxes can be recycled to produce new boxes. The material is highly recyclable and can used again to manufacture the corrugated boxes.

Highly protective:

The material which is used in the manufacturing of corrugated boxes has an astonishing mixture of cushioning abilities as well as toughness. It gives them the quality of strengthening during the transportation of the product. Transportation is the process that takes a while. Sometimes days or months to arrive. Therefore, the corrugated boxes rigidity secures the stuff present in the box.


The custom corrugated boxes are manufacturing and using on a large scale. In every small or large industry. These boxes are playing a vital role. After the huge demand of Corrugated Six Corner Boxes, the good thing about them is they are not expensive at all. You can buy one and also dozens of boxes. The more boxes you will buy, the more discount offer will be applicable.

Features of Regular Six Corner Box Designing:

The six-corner box has a lot of good features. It contains a tray and a lid. The tray is more prone to break as compare to the lid. These boxes can be usable for many purposes. The variety of boxes is a good solution for the packing of all goods and personal belongings as well. The lid is slightly large to cover the tray properly. The manufacturing material of the box makes it rigid that’s the reason for satisfaction because the product is protected.

The lid is very eligible for the graphics and customized logos of the company. The specific logos and printing on the lid give your brand more exposure to the people. The one who is buying start trusting on the professionalism and the one who sees the logos get attracted towards the product and buy it too.

In the customize boxes, you can also get the variation in sizes of boxes according to your demand. The size of the box can be bigger or smaller. The space of corrugated box totally designs for fulfilling the company’s product requirement. The product needs to be properly adjusted. It also helps in the recognition and promotion of your brand.