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Certified Public accountant is the extended form for CPA. They are the working professionals who help in managing, taxes, bookkeeping, debit and credit account, and balance sheet. Every organization required a CPA for the audit of all the financial data. A CPA degree is the result of extensive education and rich accounting experience.


Responsibility of an Accountant:


  • Maintain and organize all the financial data of a company
  • Analyze all the business-related data and prepare a clear presentation via different online tools
  • Take care of all the tax deductions
  • Co-ordinate with the management and try to do extensive research on tax and plan things accordingly
  • Organize and update accounting records as per the requirements
  • Preparing a detailed report of all the transactions
  • Performs regular audits to ensure accuracy in financial documents


How is a CPA different from other Accountants?

The points mentioned in the responsibility of an accountant are generally practiced by the entire accountant for small, medium, and big enterprises. However, a CPA is different than an accountant in various ways:


  • CPAs qualifies strict requirements for licensing of the state in which they intend to practice. There is a particular course of a week duration needs to be completed along with upper-level accounting, auditing, and business core class
  • Survey says that most of the CEO of the companies trusts on CPA for any financial advice. Also, during the time of the audit, most businesses hire a CPA, because of their belief that only CPA can work according to expectation.
  • Generally, the accountant prefers to prepare a proper tax return. However, a CPA offers distinct advantages in the tax return.
  • License is not the only eligibility criterion to be a CPA. However, expectations are way high than just an accountant. A CPA should be able to fulfil a high standard of the profession.


Skills required for being a successful CPA

A certified public accountant plays a very crucial role in the external and internal domain of an organization. Every country needed an accountant to see the documents related to tax, deduction, credits, and many more. A professional accountant can analyze a balance sheet accurately in comparison to any other professional.

The career of a CPA is shining. However, it required rigorous efforts and focused on the work. Below are the key skills needed to be a qualified CPA:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Personal skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Active listening
  • Understand the latest technologies and can work efficiently with the different tools
  • High ethical standard
  • Understand the client vision and use the various marketing strategy
  • Project management
  • Broad business perspective


To establish a successful career as a NYC CPA, you will need to develop multiple and wide array of knowledge, skill and competencies, an adequate understanding of accounting and business concepts to develop the leadership quality. You should also have a broad business perspective which will help you to see the big picture of the internal and external factors that impact how a business operated.


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