Conquering GRE is not about taking stock of your maths and verbal ability. If you are planning to score big you have to consider other areas. Once you possess the knowledge you would be able to clear the exams with flying colours. Apart from GRE grant questions there are a few important tips that would help you to clear this big day. Once you are aware on what exactly to do you will be saved from a lot of hassles on this big day.

No point in studying

Do not study the previous day as GRE is not your college exam. Studies are expected to increase the pressure. You have done enough amount of practice and if it is not as per mark, then a single day is not going to be of much help. The time is right to relax and have some fun. Have an ice bath and go for some fun filled exams. The whole idea is to stay calm and composed before the big day.

Flip through the rules

With the aid of GRE quant questions you can go through the guidelines. These are the same guidelines that you would see on the text in the next day. So it is better you become acquainted with the tutorial section or even the software works. This ensures that nothing is new to you during the course of the test. If you are trying to learn something new before the exam it would add up to the tension levels.

Pack up

Everything needs to be in order before the day of the exam. No point to pack things before you is going to leave the house. Make a point of the things you need for the exam, ID card, snack bags or print outs.

Be punctual

Being punctual is of particular importance before appearing for an example. Ideally you need to be at the exam centre 45 minutes before the exam. As part of the test taking it requires you to go through a few processes depending upon the number of students in the exam. So it is better that you are on time. Once you are done through this you might be having some time to relax. You need to find out where the nearest bathroom and the water cooler are located.

No point in carrying books

Do not carry any books to the exam centre. This anxiety would compel you to study at the last moment that would be really bad from an exam point of view. At the testing centre you are not allowed to carry any books, and if they find any books your exams can be cancelled. So you have to be careful with the books.

Speak up

If you find things are not in order you have every right to speak up. Discuss with your proctor if there are any issues that you face. On the other hand if you need any medical attention ask the proctor before the exam begins. Clarify all your doubts.