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Walking down the road a catchy design flashes in front of your eyes and you wish you could do it. Or your friend jokes that you can put your usual saying on a shirt do you can save some breath. And the idea is good. Screen printing helps you to transfer your ideas onto clothes. Staring your own business of screen printing is not only going to be satisfactory to your creativity but can prove to be a great side business with a good income. Being in a beautiful city, inspiration will not be hard to come by. But if you do not find a proper outlet for the ideas, getting a creative block will be inevitable. Hence, a business of screen printing will be a good idea. But how beneficial will it be?

Why opt for screen printing as a start up?

When you consider starting a new business, the factor that is most daunting isn’t the money but the success of the business. With new brands coming up every year, your fear of becoming just one of them is justified. Yet, the screen printing business is one that will never go out of trend. Because:

screening print

  • Starting from ‘winter is coming’ to every iconic Sheldon quotes, owning a customized tee is a dream of everyone. Not to mention the Hogwarts trend just refuses to die. The demand is huge and the companies catering to it is few in comparison. Quotes on t-shirts are a trend that will never fade away.
  • The customizing tool on the website helps the clients to choose, starting from the material to the final comma. Even the simplest tools can help your business soar high.
  • Being one among the people who care for the environment you can promote your ideas through your brand. Like-minded people will definitely be attracted to your business.
  • One of the major advantages of starting a business of screen printing is the crowd in the city. Finding loyal clients will not be difficult.
  • If you are ready to deliver even overnight then you can settle in for a long entrepreneurship. People would love to get speedy delivery at a lower cost than your competitors.

How should you start your screen printing Business?

The first thing you need to know about the business is the instruments

screening print

  • A screen printing machine from a top company will be your first priority.
  • A single machine can print on a 100 shirts in an hour. This might be a bit lower for the ideal way to ensure the best quality in prints is to check the mesh holding screws after every run.
  • Once you have chosen the machine that will suit your space and requirements, you need to start marketing your business.
  • Going online is a smart move but in order to draw the traffic, you need to flaunt your designs. Here acquaintances can be of great help.
  • A word of the mouth branding is always the best way to let people know about your screen printing business. You can even gift a few of your creations so that they can flaunt your products.

Once you have started slowly and steadily, you can say hello to about $100,000 a year which is a great side business earnings. The faster you grow, the more the profits will flow in. but, you must always remember your roots. If you made some promises in terms of quality and delivery, you must always stick to it for nothing turn off customers faster than broken promises.

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