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Creating a Wikipedia page can do wonders for your website and your business. Not only will it make your site visible in front of the masses, but it will add more credibility to it. Wikipedia is the seventh most visited website. Users trust Wikipedia when they intend to extract useful information. Also, to this, it shows up on top of Google’s SERP’s, which means your website can achieve optimization benefits as well. There is no such digital marketer who wouldn’t want its website content to get published on a Wikipedia page. But did you know you can create your very own Page for your website on Wikipedia? Not everyone is aware of this, but when you think about the benefits, it’s completely worth it.

But let me break this to you before you get all excited about going online and getting yourself registered. The entire process will have your mind-boggled. It’s not easy for an amateur to roll out a Wiki page overnight, it requires some strict rules. And if you are newbie then, this blog enlists some useful steps that you must follow to develop a quality Wikipedia page for yourself.

Follow these few steps to create a Wikipedia page on a legitimate basis:

  • Start-off from Creating an Account

It is the initial step, to publish your articles on a Wikipedia page you need to create an account on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is open to editing, and if you don’t have an account on it then, your IP address gets publicly recorded. Having yourself registered will add more credibility and trust in your business that will compel your readers to read more.

  • Build Stature With Wikipedia

Wikipedia won’t put its trust into you right away. You need to build some credibility with it. But how will you do that correctly? You can start by making meaningful edits. After having made around 10-edits and with a five-day-old account, you will be good to go. Next thing which you will be required to do is get yourself confirmed as an autoconfirmed user. It will lower the chances of your Page getting removed and build more prestige with Wikipedia.

  • Run your Page Authenticity Test

Wikipedia complies with strict plagiarism laws. The article which you intend on creating has to be plagiarism-free. Wikipedia runs a notability test before it publishes any content. If your content is not plagiarism-free, then it would be discarded immediately. Just because it’s open to editing that doesn’t mean it supports copy-pasted content. One way to ensure whether your Page is authentic or not is by searching for it on Wikipedia, only after you have created an account. For this purpose, go to the search bar present on the right-hand top corner, type in your company’s name and see what cracks up.

  • Start Building your Page

The next step includes the creation of your Page. Click on “ask to create a page” link, when you are unable to find your Page, as mentioned in the previous step. Now, you can decide the content as per your choice, or you could follow the format that every user supports.

  • Cite you Page

Incorporate all references and citations with your content which you publish on the Page. Wikipedia format also requires authentic references and citations. Add your own company’s website link in one of these citations, so that your users can easily view your website. Putting up quotes help your Wikipedia page gain more tenability as readers believe the information given to them is coming from an authentic source.

  • Allow Wikipedia to Review your Page

While Wikipedia page creation services, always remember that it’s essential to submit your Page after it’s created, to allow Wikipedia to review it. If your Page is free of plagiarism then, it will become eligible to get published. Hence, come up with content that is of high quality and free of any grammatical mistake. Also, proofread whatever it is that you have written. If you pass the test, then you will be soon on your way to getting your Page published on one of the most legitimate sites.

  • Keep on Update

Your Wikipedia page will fail if it’s not updated regularly. After you have published your Page, then the content it includes must stay updated. Will help your users keep coming back for more.

Wrap Up

Using social media sites to promote your websites it blogs or articles isn’t enough. Wikipedia helps to improve your content uniquely as it fosters teamwork that allows editing from multiple editors. Moreover, by having your own Wikipedia page, your content can be made visible to the masses. Although creating a quality Wikipedia page for yourself is quite tricky. You may require professional help but if that’s not an option, then follow the tutorial mentioned above to get on with it.

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