The area of your kitchen backsplash is a personality piece of your home. Whether it is classic, bold, funky, or neutral, absolutely, you need to make sure that it looks elegant. Well, what’s your style? Basically, they are the kitchen tiles used to deck out the space between the cabinets and countertop. It merely helps to exhibit the color theme of the kitchen, which can eventually be traditional or contemporary. In the end, not only kitchen floor tiles are the key areas, but the backsplash is also the focal point. Definitely, it is something that you can be creative with. 

Now, why is it the one that showcases the last detail design? Very likely because there are plenty of choices. And to make the process easier, here we have put together a few guidelines to pick the best kitchen wall tiles. Let’s move onto the selection process.

Mix and Match 

If you are having a tough time deciding among the various tiles options, then try living them for a while. Tape out the color samples and imagine how they will actually look like throughout the daytime and other light changes. It is advisable to pick a primary color or couple a few accent colors to use throughout the kitchen, including the kitchen backsplash area as well. 

Further countertops often speak the style and design of the backsplash area; don’t forget to consider the hardware fixtures and lighting. Else you can even try mixing metallic tiles in different color options. Go check out the exclusive collection of glossy wall tiles from Oasis Tiles that come with other finishes as well. 

Spending on high-impact zone

There’s always a square foot of wall space above the sink and the range. Here you can again play with the different design options. Definitely, this area grabs a lot of attention, so better consider putting a neutral color tile, along with a chic glass tile centerpiece. You will surely experience that extra factor with this centerpiece because this is the area where you can add up some patterns as well. Besides, don’t hesitate to level it up to 2-3 feet of space. Go for a bold trendy design like ostrich kitchen tiles. Don’t worry when you feel bored with it you can change it anytime! 

Be budget savvy

If you are on a strict budget, avoid highly gazing styles and opt for something classic. Because only they are going to cost you less than a dollar per square foot. But remember not to spare up the grout. As mentioned earlier, kitchen floor tiles and kitchen wall tiles are something that is going to be the masterpiece, so make sure to grab a beautiful grout. There can be situations when you might not find what you are looking for, especially under a constraint budget. So better adjust your priorities accordingly. Certainly, it is much much better to go for something classic, economic, and durable.

Avoid silly mistakes 

If, in any case, you plan to order or buy kitchen backsplash tiles online, then ensure to confirm the sizes, varieties, price, and relevant components. It also covers the glaze, thickness, cuts, and how they mold. If ignored, you might end up wasting your time, effort, and money on something that won’t suit your kitchen at all. 

Know about the wear and tear

Yes, here comes the main point. Do you really need to know how easily you can maintain those kitchen wall tiles? Is there any way you can maintain their grace for years and years? Commonly, Ceramic tiles don’t need much of it. Whereas the metallic and glass tiles may demand your attention in terms of preserving their glossy appearance. Here’s a bit of expert advice – better seal the grout to keep it cleaner and fresh for a long time. 

Why not try eco-friendly options?

Mosaic tiles are also perfect for floors and kitchen backsplash areas. They are warm and offer a contemporary look. Also, they are durable and stain-resistant. You get a variety of colors and styles to choose from, and that too in different sizes. So why not give them a try this time?