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Working from home is more common today than it has ever been. Remote workers can enjoy a lot of benefits, but they also need to set up a good working space. Finding the right desk can be a huge part of creating a pleasant space to work in. Whether you are looking for regular desks, drafting tables or something more unique, below is some inspiration for your home desk ideas.

1) Double-Wide

Give yourself some extra working space with a double-wide desk. There are a couple of ways to accomplish this. Some desks are designed to be extra wide as is. You can also simply purchase two desks and place them next to each other. This can be a great option if you need to combine two different styles of desks. Finally, you may be able to combine two desks by connecting them to the same central support.

2) Tower Desk

A tower desk is a relatively high workstation with storage underneath the main work surface. It is a good option for people who work on computers a lot as it brings the monitor closer to the user’s eye line. Additionally, tower desks are very practical thanks to the extra space for items such as printers. This can be a good way to get a lot of utility out of a relatively small area.

3) Drafting Table

People who draw for their work can benefit from drafting tables. This style of desk has a tilting work surface that is easier for sketching and working on designs. It is popular with artists and engineers. Some drafting tables can work equally well as a normal desk and be tilted only when needed. If you are planning on doubling up on desks, consider making one of them a drafting table.

4) Movable Workstation

A more dynamic workspace can be a good way to create a more creativity-inspiring area. Being able to move your desk around can help with this. Many workstations and desks have wheels on the legs for easy movement. Want to work by the window one day? That’s no problem. You can also roll over to the whiteboard when you need to sketch out some ideas.

5) Standing Desk

According to various health authorities, sitting all day isn’t great for you. A sit/stand desk can be a good way to avoid staying seated for too long. If you want to stand up and work, you simply need to raise your desk up. If you are tired and want to sit, lower it down again. A moveable sit/stand desk is even better for creating a truly flexible and dynamic workplace.

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