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The Global Leader in Providing Products and Application Knowledge to Help Customers Lift, Position, or Secure Materials Easily and Safely. The organization is centered around business and mechanical applications that require the wellbeing and quality gave by its boss structure and skill.

Toyo has High Quality, Sturdy Construction, Compact Design, Reliable and Efficient Operation.

You will discover these items under TOYO

Electric Chain Hoist , Electric Trolley, Manual Chain Hoist , Manual Lever Hoist, Push Trolley, Gear Trolley, Wire Rope Winch, Beam Clamp, Vertical Lifting Clamp, Horizontal Lifting Clamp, Snatch Block, Wire Rope Cutter, Hydraulic Pallet Truck , Rack Jack, Drum Lifter, Electric Chain Hoist, Electric Trolley , Manual Chain Hoist, Manual Lever Hoist, Push Trolley, Gear Trolley, Wire Rope Winch.

Contact Us-

Address-Building No. B 17 – 1,Gulf Warehousing Park, Bu Sulba,P.O.Box: 23320

Phone no- +974 44500583 / 44500584


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