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Well, this matter would not be new to anyone if clear rules were really applied and the ethics of a good citizen always spoke louder.

Today we know the great importance of defending ourselves and also to whom and what we really love. We can then enter into a personal consensus that Declaring Necessity is subjective, as what would they be? By law, there are those who can and who cannot have possession, separating those who “defend themselves” and those “cannot defend themselves”.

The Document: Declaration of effective need for firearm use

The Declaration of Necessity is required for the Federal Police to issue the purchase authorization. In fact, we found this document on various sites on the Internet abroad, it does not exactly follow a rule, but it is a fact that it is necessary for the procedure of purchasing a firearm.

In it will be stated in clear ways and in good reasons that lead you to have a need and purchase a firearm and AK 47 magazine speed loader.

We suggest that you look for a professional to help you with this and other processes, and do not give up on the small obstacles, insist if you think that protecting yourself is worthwhile.

Firearm – Better to have and not to need

In principle, we mean that the conduct of a good citizen does not change by empowering himself with something he uses to defend himself, that is, the ethical sense of a person who keeps his emotional intelligence balanced, causes this armed individual to become only even more relaxed and so we entered the concept of “having and not needing”.

Let’s be clearer, starting from the point where we look at a policeman in his “quiet” daily routine, in most of his days he travels through several places and who is almost always “respected” for the power of the gun stored in his holster beside of ammunition (in plain view). This brings a psychological impact to those who have thought of any delinquent act and that is simply because it has something that defends everyone’s view.

Public security does not account for so many infractions and we already know that, it is clear and stamped, that is why we strongly defend the good citizen with their rights of personal and patrimonial defense.

What would it be like if we had an armed population? Would anyone with malicious intent have the courage to hit the “lottery” of finding someone who could not defend themselves?

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