It’s high time to explore to eastern sides of one of the busiest metropolitan of the state, Kochi. On such thorough probing, you could get to know about the wild destination of Pooyamkutty that is around 27 km from Kothamangalam. The deep jungles that you get to find here, best defines how a forest is supposed to be. It has the hills, irregular rocks, adorable waters, trekking trails, wild animals and a surging river. Nonetheless, not many knew of the existence of such a serene location at the extreme end of the district, until it was filmed in a popular regional movie more discreetly. Since then, the deep jungles saw a surge of tourists hoping to this rustic hamlet caressed by a stream, which is a tributary of River Periyar.

An abandoned hydroelectric project

Kerala is known is for its numerous hydroelectricity projects, as the state does possess around 44 large rivers flowing across its hills, plains and subsequently merging with the Arabian Sea. Likewise, the surging waters of Pooyamkutty River too had been proposed for establishing a whole new hydroelectricity project by KSEB. Fortunately or unfortunately, that project had to be cancelled due to the heavy price that would have been required to build a dam across the mighty river. However, when considering the environmental aspects surrounding them, it was virtuous that it had not disturbed the natural flow of water in the river and the wildlife inhabiting both on land and water.

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Film cameras that reeled the natural beauty of Pooyamkutty

As mentioned earlier, it was the major location of a Malayalam film entitled ‘Pulimurugan’ (2016) and for the first time, the ravishing beauty of Pooyamkutty and its neighbourhood was reeled and later screened. After this instance, more and more tourists started rushing into this lesser-known and picturesque destination. The serenely flowing river once hitting the cliffs and later altering its form to become mesmerizing waterfalls were inevitable to look more tempting in the screen. The rare sunlit forests and the abrupt changeover of climate, to the one with darker clouds, was also made visible in the reel. Moreover, the quaintness gathered by the showers lashing over the dense shelters provided by large trees and bamboos had also brought a chill in the viewers.

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Small yet charming waterfalls

Even though the cascading falls that travellers get to gaze positioned right in the middle of the forest is not that massive with many litres of water gushing all a time, but they are a visual treat to the eyes. But, to get accessed to the woods where the waterfalls are situated, the Forest Department of Kerala must provide them with the permission prior to the entry. Among numerous cascading falls spotted in Pooyamkutty, Peendimedu waterfalls are found to be the largest one. Other notable ones include the two-layered Kallerimedu waterfalls that are also a four stride wonder. Nevertheless, utmost care must be taken by the tourists if they are planning to dip themselves in those unsullied waters of the river originating from the Western Ghats.

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Surprising Ancient rock inscriptions

It was a recently discovered inscription from the Ezhuthala cave near Vellaramkunnu in Pooyamkutty. Archaeologists believe that they are somehow related to rock cravings spotted from the popular Edakkal caves of Wayanad. The most common shapes of inscriptions are in triangles and squares that indicate star and moon respectively, according to the beliefs and faiths of erstwhile tribes. Nonetheless, they are also bewildered of the fact that how such kinds of resemblances had been formed here at the downstream of Periyar River. Anyhow, to watch them, the curious travellers need to climb through the nine-metre long cave situated in the middle of forests located in Pooyamkutty. Apart from that, some capsules and microliths used in the Mesolithic Age were also found from the nearby sites.

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Tribes beyond the river

Once crossing the low lying bridge built across the Pooyamkutty River, the tourists could enter the forests of Manikandanchal. Even though, the bridge that connects the remote village with the outside world looks welcoming, the mighty river overflow across them in heavy monsoons, making the entire region look spine-chilling. At the other bank of the densely forested region is located the Pantapra tribal colony. From there, the tourist could purchase various sorts of tribal products made from their own hands and some high-quality honey extracted from the deep forests. But all of these need to be done after getting permissions from the Malayattor Departement Forest Office.

Visit of herds of Elephants and other wild animals once the sun sets in

These forest regions beyond the river are home to a diverse range of wild animals including macaques, monkeys, rabbits, wild boars, langurs, spotted deer and even leopards. The avian population would comprise of peacocks and many other endangered species. Most remarkably, the riverside adjacent to the bridges is common place for the herd of elephant to drink water from it, and sometimes by the skulk of foxes. They could be seen roaming amid the thick cover of bamboos grown naturally in large numbers in the forest. Henceforth, there would be nothing wrong for the animal-loving travellers to customize the available tour packages, and include Pooyamkutty and the forest trekking in their travel itinerary while vacationing in these parts of Kerala.

Nature had indeed blessed Pooyamkutty with its marvels framing one of the most beautiful unexplored travel destinations that Kerala has got to offer. Such captivating locations could inevitably tempt any nature admirer to pack their bags and head to them within no time, just as you would. If you too had got impressed of a naturally scenic destination like Pooyamkutty, never hesitate to contact Dream Holidays. With their help, you could venture out to wild that would not sheer curb by usual sightseeing. Instead, they would offer you more. Look out for their tour packages and pick up the one that excites you. And just traverse with them to those endless limits.