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Deep Learning Training

Disruptive innovations or technologies have a deep impact on the world and cause massive changes. Most importantly it alters the way businesses, consumers, industries etc work. Since ages such innovations changed the world as it was known and now once again, we are experiencing such a phenomenon.

For instance, technologies like Machine Learning and Deep Learning coupled with Data science has made innovations like virtual assistants, augmented reality and self-driving cars possible. Capitalizing on such innovations, digital industries are flourishing all over the world and digital transformation has become vital for entire economies. The fourth industrial revolution or IR 4.0 is truly happening!

Why Deep Learning is not only amazing but also highly important?

The innovative Deep Learning is a technology which takes a cue from the neural structure of human brain and thus is based on ‘artificial neural networks ’. Just like Machine Learning, it enables machines to perform tasks and develop itself without the need for human intervention however it is more advanced than ML in the sense that it uses artificial neural networks and does not require tagged data. Therefore, Deep Learning is more useful in solving complex problems and its importance increases severalfold!

Let us take a look at an example:

Deep Learning is being successfully used to help professionals in the treatment of cancer!

Worldwide there is an acute shortage of medical professionals for the treatment of cancer patient and in some countries like India the shortage is huge. However, researchers have shown that how Deep Learning can be instrumental in several stages of cancer treatment.

For instance, Peltarion, a Swedish tech co. worked with a radiotherapy company in order to develop a Deep Learning model. The model has the capability to target cancerous tumors for radiotherapy. The model has been successful in in cancer treatment by accurate diagnostics and ensured fast treatment. It is currently being used in the UK with impressive results!

Importance of Deep Learning in Data science:

Data analytics is quite a challenge in the era of Big data and with the advent of IoT, the volume and veracity of data keeps growing exponentially. Thus, digging out crucial information out of such hefty volumes of data sets can be painstakingly slow and difficult. However, a technology like Deep Learning is a great boon for data scientists and data analysts as it can help skilled professionals to automate the process of analytics with ease. And since Deep Learning models can work without untagged data, it is extremely efficient. This is why there is a huge demand for professionals with proficiency in building Deep Learning models!

How can you benefit from it?
Are you an aspiring data scientist or are you willing to switch careers in search of a better opportunity. If yes, then Deep Learning can be a huge boost for your career. Go for a Deep Learning training today and learn all the tricks of the trade. A Deep Learning training will not only let you seek dynamic career options but also offers sophisticated positions all around the world!

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