The ligature cutters dental are essential in the dentistry field. These cutters have different functions. All these cutters use for different purposes and have a specific purpose. There is a variety of dentistry cutters. These cutters designed to cut the soft wires, which are not possible to cut with other cutters.

Ligature and Pin Orthodontic Cutters

Ligature and Pin Orthodontic Cutters use to cut specific wires. Pin and Ligature Orthodontic Cutters, designed to cut very soft wires. This orthodontic appliances consist of ligature and pins. These cutters are available in straight or angled. The angle may range from 15° or 45°. Its design helps to reach problematic areas. The tapered part helps to achieve a problematic area. It has a sliding lock joint.

Tungsten Carbide Tips: 

Tungsten carbide tips help to grip it correctly. The cutting is possibly effortless with diamond-honed edges. Pin and Ligature Cutters considered surgical grades. 

The stainless steel used increases strength. The stainless steel also helps it to make corrosion resistance. Due to stainless steel, it is also fully autoclavable.

What if Cutting Edges not Diamond-Honed: 

No matter if the cutting edges are not diamond-honed. But you will still observe sharp and accurately cutting edges. Not just the straight cutting edges but also aligned cutting edges. The sharp, accurate, and aligned cutting edges observed every time.

It’s manufacturing done, keeping in view the international standards. The blades used in these cutters are hand-finish.

Why Hand-Finished Blades:  

This hand-finished maximize cutting performance. Once blades hand-finishing done, it gives the best cutting to appropriate wires. 

It helps to reach a difficult area easily. Due to Perma’s sharp tips, it’s long-lasting. It can cut the wire up to the wire size <= .012″ / .30mm”.

Pin and Ligature Cutter Mini:

This ligature cutters dental is Micro Mini use to cut soft wires. The Straight-back design makes the cutting of delicate wires easy. It consists of sharp-pointed diamond-honed tips. Which helps to reduce the ligature wire. It has the cutting capacity of soft wire maximum up to .014 inch diameter.

Master line Pin and Ligature Cutter: 

The blades are super sharp. Which helps in clean cutting. Leaves no ragged edges, which later requires grinding. This dental ligature cutter use for problematic areas where clean cutting is required. It can cut the wires maximum up to .015inch. .015 is a soft wire and to be cut very cleanly. It’s called the “workhorse” among pin and ligature cutters.

Micro Mini Pin and Ligature Cutter, Long Handle:

The Micro Mini Pin and Ligature cutters with long handle give a perfect grip. This dental ligature cutter consists of excellent tips that help to reach-in-hard areas. Reaching these areas without the long handle is quite tricky. It helps to cut elastics, soft-wire pins, etc. This cutter can cut the wires up to .012″ which is .30mm. 

Ligature Cutter With Angled:

It has the same features as Straight Ligature Cutter DB05-0734. But the angled cutting differentiate it from the Straight Ligature Cutter DB05-0734. It can also cut the wire maximum of .015”.