As we all know, online alcohol delivery is a flourishing business in the industry. Especially, at present, it is reaching greater heights due to the lockdown that has been imposed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. People are in need of delivery apps that will deliver alcohol at their doorsteps whenever required. Therefore, they are welcoming the launch of new alcohol delivery brands in the market right now. If you are a business person, it would be the best time to set up your alcohol delivery venture now.

You have to set up your business in the market before the competitors increase in the on-demand market. To launch an alcohol delivery app in a few days, you can contact the best and most experienced app development firm in the market and discuss your idea with them. They will help you build a platform that will make your brand a success among the audience in a limited period. There are two methods using which an app can be developed:

Ready-made solution:

This type of app solution will be highly advantageous for any entrepreneur as it is pocket-friendly, highly advanced, user-friendly, takes less time and money to build, and customizable. Opting for a clone app solution will be the best idea to launch your brand in a short time in the market.

From scratch:

It is a known fact that building an app from the ground up will involve more time and money. It will take around three months to be developed, and by the time you launch, many competitors would have set up a successful business in the market. It costs 75% more than a clone app.

The above-mentioned approaches suggest that launching your alcohol delivery business with a ready-made Uber for alcohol delivery app solution will be the best way to establish your brand easily.

Customer app workflow:

  • Customers will sign up with the app or log in to it. They will complete the authentication process in the next step.
  • Customers will then specify their location in the app and browse through the list of available stores nearby.
  • They can also find an alcoholic drink of their choice using the search option or advanced filters.
  • Once they place a request, they can pay for the order using any one of the secure gateways.
  • Customers can also schedule alcohol delivery via the app if required.
  • After the delivery is done successfully, they can rate the delivery executives and vendors through the online app.

Features integrated into customer app:

  • Social media login
  • Advanced filters
  • Secure payment gateways
  • Live tracking
  • Scheduled delivery
  • Order history
  • Reviews and ratings

Delivery executive app workflow:

  • Delivery executives have to register with the app using their social media accounts, phone numbers, or email IDs.
  • Then, they have to upload a few original documents to the app and obtain approval from the admin.
  • After approval, they can start rejecting or accepting customer requests via the app.
  • They will get access to customer name, contact details, and live location when they are serving a request.
  • Delivery executives have to reach the location and deliver the order successfully.
  • They can also rate users after they have delivered orders, and their earnings will be transferred to their bank accounts by the admin.

Features integrated into delivery executive app:

  • Verification
  • Accept/reject orders
  • Availability slider
  • Access to user details
  • In-app communication
  • Earning history
  • Delivery history

Store owner app workflow:

  • Store owners can register their store with the app and sell alcohol to users.
  • Initially, they have to register or sign in to the on-demand alcohol delivery app.
  • Up next, store owners have to view user requests and accept them via the online panel.
  • They have to update the status of the alcohol delivery order during each stage.
  • Owners will be able to view the details of delivery executives.
  • They will generate invoices in the next step and track the status as well.
  • After a successful delivery, they will receive their payment from the admin.
  • Store owners will also be allowed to rate users and delivery executives if required.

Features integrated into store owner app:

  • Registration
  • Accept orders
  • Track status
  • Manage offers and discounts
  • Invoice generation
  • Order history

Admin panel:

The admin is responsible for the entire business. Via the admin panel, it can be ensured that the business is running smoothly. They can resolve conflicts, access all data, set base costs, and more with the help of their dashboard. Its features include:

  • Quick login
  • Manage customers and bookings
  • Manage stores
  • God’s eye view
  • Track alcohol delivery orders
  • Access to reviews and ratings

Wrapping up:

Build an online app with the aforementioned workflow and features, and it will help you reach your customers in a short span. Speak to a suitable app development company and launch your app on multiple platforms.