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Devops Training in Chennai | softlogicsys

DevOps is the software development process which collaborate development and IT operations. Its main goal is to improve the communication process between development staff by providing scripts, libraries, SDKs that required for application coding and operation team with components like SQL or messaging tools required for running and launching the software.

DevOps required quality training to deliver skills that are expected by an industry. Softlogic Systems provides the best DevOps Training in Chennai with the appropriate tools needed for implementation such as Gradle, Git, Jenkins, Bamboo, Docker, Kubernates, Ansible, and Puppet. We train students from the basic to advanced concepts to enhance the students along with the industry-specific curriculum, case studies and hands-on exposure on real time projects.

Course Objectives of DevOps Certification Training in Chennai

DevOps Certification Training gives you deep insights of the concepts and required confidence to work for an organization. We practice you in real time project development, management skills, integration strategies, monitoring and communication abilities needed throughout the software development cycle. At the end of DevOps course, you can be master in the following aspects:

  • Fundamental objectives of DevOps implementation
  • Major strategies applied for the IT and operation process
  • Best practice on integration, product delivery, testing, security, and communication
  • Deep knowledge in IT service management along with agile and lean concepts
  • Instruction in workflow planning, feedback generation, and follow ups process
  • Practice on automation tools for deployment pipeline and DevOps toolchains
  • Improve performance skills on DevOps Scaling, success factor with key indicators practice

Learning Strategies followed in our DevOps Training Institute in Chennai

DevOps is surely not easy to learn because it requires so much skills and hands-on experience for a DevOps professionals. It is depend on the continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD) that are considered as pillar of DevOps process. Companies are adapting to DevOps process due to the revenue benefits, effective and automatic pipeline planning, better integration, and the accurate testing process. Therewith, Softlogic Systems focus on developing the skills of candidates by following the below steps in coaching

Step 1: Understand the company or customer requirements such as hardware and software requirements required for project

Step 2: Define the DevOps process that consider the target platform through CI/CD/CT.

Step 3: Choosing the tools for cloud, security, monitoring services

Step 4: Focus on core automated testing to provide quality software

Step 5: Adapting to the organizational change or upgradation

Step 6: Implement the necessary tools with updated software package.

Roles and Responsibilities of DevOps professional

DevOps Training at Softlogic Systems gives you the best practice along with certification which is valued in top industries. We mold students in the following skills required for getting hired easily in reputed companies.

  • Security Skills
  • Collaboration Skills
  • In-depth Scripting Knowledge
  • Decision-Making abilities
  • Flexibility to work for both team
  • Soft skills and personality development skills
  • Enterprise mindset that consider customer-first
  • Wide understanding and experience on tools and techniques

Career Path for DevOps professional

Softlogic System improves the students ability through our DevOps Training in Chennai to become expert in DevOps process as they are in demand for the companies. We build your career path from CV writing, profile management, and all the required services for the better placement. The following roles are the most popular in top industries that generate many number of opportunities every day

  • DevOps Architect
  • Automation Engineer
  • Software Testing Professional
  • Security Engineers
  • Integration Specialist
  • Project Launching Manager

Join us to become the master in DevOps process by learning in our training institute with the required skills and tools for getting 100% placement assurance.

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