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Lack Of Proper Sleep or Rest

Different people have different capabilities. While some are genetically powered, others dwell those skills with time. Most people use the right hand however there are a few specially-abled who are left-handed. I was amazed when I saw people who could write equally proficiently with both hands. I don’t find any scientific reasons but just with the practice, they can start developing the skill within themselves. It’s not all about writing, but whatever they do, can be done best with their left or right hand.

It has still been a mystery for most of the neurologists to distinguish the differences between the Left Brain and Right Brain. If you wish to identify which brain hemisphere is ruling over you and how can you take care or enrich your skills, this article is for you.

Different people are differently capable of thinking, they do things differently with their own unique style of meeting a task. Neuroscientists distinguish them as either right-brained people or left-brained people. Your brain follows a Qualitative or a Quantitative approach, that is totally dependable on your left or right brain hemisphere. You may wonder to know that one side of the brain hemisphere can control or dominate your personality.


Left Brain

Right Brain

Quantitative ApproachQualitative Approach
Detail Oriented PerceptionDesign Oriented or Holistic Perception
Rational ThoughtsEmotional Thoughts
Calculative (Math/Science)Creative (Drawing/Designing)
Logic BuildingImagination
Right Side Motor SkillsLeft Side Motor Skills
Right Field VisionLeft Field Vision
Analytical ThoughtsIntuitive Thoughts
Ordered SequenceRandom Sequence
Practical ApproachJudgmental Approach
Pattern PerceptionEmotional Intelligence

Let us have a broader look at the characteristics and functions of Left-Brain vs Right-Brain.

Left Brain


  •         Keeps a balance in your body
  •         Experiences practical feelings
  •         Describes through verbal communication
  •         Expert in calculations, numbers, and patterns
  •         Only understands the detail-oriented and practical approach
  •         Helps in making large muscle movements
  •         Is positively inspired by new practices
  •         Modifying avoidance behaviors


There are several benefits of the left brain as per science and neurologists. The left hemisphere is responsible to control the immune system of your body and regulates your involuntary bodily functions, such as breathing, digestion, and heart rate.

Your left-brain or say left hemisphere has the capability to pay focus on the details, control your motor movement, and also possess the ability to convert different sounds to languages and translate to get the meaning out of it. Left-brain is also responsible to control your analytical/logical thinking, which also includes your mathematical problem-solving ability and problem-solving tactics. Left-brain is good at storing numerical values like Phone numbers, zip codes, or special numbers.

Right Brain


  •         Adventurous and ready to take risks
  •         Impulsive in nature with go-getter approach
  •         Expert in creativity, arts, drawing or designing
  •         Music, dance and passionate about pleasureful moments
  •         Emotional but a true sense of love and humanity
  •         Believes more in spiritual powers than science
  •         Builds and maintains a strong relationship


The right-hand side hemisphere is blessed with creative capabilities. The right-hand side brain allows your kids to understand the concepts of remembering colors, additional versus fewer, designs, patterns, and way more creative stuff.

For many activities, the right-hand side hemisphere is responsible for example, understanding the verbal uncertainty, paying attention to all types of visual shapes of different items, emotions behind the words and their indirect meanings.

As per the neuroscience researchers, brain development has a dominating role in the Right hemisphere until the age of three years, it holds the primary role in terms of brain function.

Facts That Will Amaze You

Left-brained people like to calculate and think logically. They believe in numbers and words rather than believing in pictures. Left brain people are detail-oriented people who believe in facts and figures.

People who are dominated by their right-brain hemisphere, are more creative and spontaneous. With their intuitive and free-thinking tactics, the dwell the ability to see things differently. They believe in visualization than binding them into words.

As per neuroscientists, a brain weight around three pounds that is not more than two percent of human body weight. Your brain may consume around 20% of your total energy. There are around 100 million neurons in your left and right hemispheres that are coupled with your nerves.

A strong injury on the front end of your brain may decrease your motivation, planning abilities, and creativeness.

Visual information captured from your eyes is stored at the back of your brain. Any damage to the rear area may lead to partial or total blindness.

The myth of the left or right hemisphere and their functions are groundless. Neurologists and researchers claim that personality traits or analytical clusters don’t reside on just one part of the brain. The saga of the left-hand side or right-hand side brain and their functions are baseless.

A male brain doesn’t distinguish a female brain in terms of brain lateralization. There are no proven differences.


Here we tried to put some light on the key differences and features of the Left Brain and Right Brain. It is clearly evident that the left-brain works for logic building, analytical thoughts, reasoning, more focused on science, understanding different languages, numbers, and allows you right-hand control.

The right brain offers imagination, creativity, visualization, holistic thoughts, insight of words, awareness of music, indulge you more into the artwork and the power to understand 3D creatures. Both the brains are equally important for us to be competent in life however if you have identified your key skills, you can excel in life with the right approach.

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