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Kraft Boxes

These days when you look at the packaging market, you see a lot of variety. You don’t have to compromise; at the time, you are picking a colour for the boxes. There is no need for you to make adjustments in the size and shape. But the best part is that you are also able to get options in the material that is used to make the boxes. You can pick cardboard, corrugated, and even rigid. But the one that is in demand these days is the Kraft material. The boxes that are made of this martial look very attractive. Although the material is light in weight and not so hard as compare to other materials, still Kraft boxes are used in every industry. Packaging companies get this material from a pinewood.

Because the Kraft material is light in weight, it is not hard to give it any shape. The best part about the boxes that are made of Kraft material is that they are eco-friendly. Means use reuses them in a similar manner or makes something else them. It didn’t harm nature because the material comes from nature. Also, you don’t have to doubt the durability of these boxes. They protect the product in any scenario. Even are the climate conditions being harsh, these boxes do their job properly. They are most famous in the food industry. As they have to take care of so many different aspects, so it is quite suitable for them.

After reading so many plus points of these boxes, you may think that the price is going to be high. So, it is hard for small businesses to invest. But the price is very reasonable, and no one faces any issue while playing.

Types of custom Kraft boxes

The types of these boxes are so many, you will learn about some in this article.

Kraft boxes in sliding drawer style

It is a style that is quite unique. Its style is mostly used to pack the match sticks, but you can even watch or ties in these types of boxes too. It is a box in which if you won’t get a window too. In this way, the customer will able to see the product properly.

Kraft Boxes
Kraft Boxes

Display Kraft boxes  

These are the boxes that are also used widely all around. In the stores, you have seen that on the counter, chocolates are displayed in the box. They are not cover from the front, so you can pick a product easily. By keeping in mind this feature, the box gets this name. It is hardly used by the people in homes. It is a box that didn’t need much space.

Kraft boxes for jewellery

Yes, even in this industry, the Kraft boxes are used. Jewellery is something that has its own beauty, but the only problem is that they need a lot of protection. So, to keep them protected and to increase the beauty of the jewellery, these boxes are used. It also allows you to keep it safe from getting lost. On the jewellery boxes, not much of the customization is done by the jewellers. They keep it quite simple yet classy. Only the name of the brand is printed on the box.

Kraft boxes for bakery

As discussed above, these boxes are widely used in the food industry, so in the bakeries, these boxes play a very important role. Some people come to the bakery and get one pastry for them. The bakers use these boxes for the packing. These boxes are even used to pack cakes, cupcakes, and almost all other bakery items. The good thing about this box is that it not harmful to the food, and it keeps it fresh for a long time.

Kraft gift boxes

Sometimes you want to give a gift to someone in a way that is different from others. The struggle starts with the packing. If the presentation of the gift is good, then you become successful in your motive. So, yes, you can get a custom-made Kraft box for the packing of the gift too. As the packaging companies also take small orders, so you don’t have to worry much. Design it anyway and impress everyone.

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