With an extensive variety of tyres — picking the right one for your vehicle can be a tough choice. Today we are going to explore different tyres so you can make the most out of your vehicle. 

Depending on the type of car you drive, tyres can be divided into two major types including: 

  • Passenger touring tyres 
  • Light truck or SUV tyres 

Passenger Touring Tyres
Passengers tyres are perfect for cars which usually have to carry passengers and don’t carry heavier loads or are not used for towing. 

Types of cars, ideal for passenger tyres: 

  • Sedans 
  • CUVs 
  • Minivans 

Known for offering a smooth and comfortable ride — passenger tyres are designed to provide great performance in every season. 

Whether you have a standard vehicle or a luxurious vehicle, you will find a passenger tyre for your car. Passenger tyres are available in all-season touring as well as grand touring categories. 


Passenger tyres come in various types including: 

  • All-Season passenger tyres 
  • Grand touring passenger tyres 
  • Performance passenger tyres 
  • Summer passenger tyres 

All-season passenger tyres 

If you want a passenger tyre to perform in every condition including hot, rainy and cold, go for all-season passenger tyres. Offering optimal traction on paved roads, these have enhanced handling features which enable you to enjoy smooth rides. The tread pattern used in the tyres offer great grip for all seasons. 

Grand Touring Tyres 

These tyres are similar to all-season tyres. Featuring an asymmetrical tread pattern, Grand Touring tyres have responsive handling which make the drive safer and more comfortable. 

Sports vehicle usually required grand touring tyres as they need perfect handling. These tyres are popular among sports car enthusiasts as they prefer performance and speed over comfort and safety. 

Some sedans, which have been modified to attain great performance, may demand grand touring tyres as these enhance the handling capabilities. Luxurious vehicles can also have these tyres for both kinds of weathers including summer and winter. 

Performance Tyres

Unlike touring tyres which don’t perform well in rainy weather, performance tyres feature grooves which channel the water out of the way and offer great grip in wet conditions. The siping and silica tread offers enhanced traction which is exemplary. 

If you are ready to get a little bit out of your comfort while driving for better handling, you can opt for performance tyres. 

Summer Passenger Tyres 

If you live in a place which experiences hot and dry weather conditions, then summer passenger tyres could be a great option for you. The tread in summer tyres is engineered in such a way that it offers optimal traction in extreme hot weather and dry roads. The solid patches and grooves make the performance better even on slightly wet roads. 


SUV and truck tyres can be split into two categories. Truck and SUV tyres are also called light truck tyres. For people who mostly drive on off-road conditions, the tread of these tyres is robust. If the driver spends more time on well-paved surfaces, the tread will be different. 

Most popular types of truck and SUV tyres include: 

  • Highway SUV tyres 
  • All-terrain SUV tyres 

 Types of Truck and SUV Tyres 

Highway SUV or Truck Tyres 

As the name suggests highway truck tyres are ideal for cars which mostly experience well-paved roads, carry massive loads or are used for towing other vehicles. These include a tread which supports all weathers. These are also known for their durability and the tread has increased longevity.  

All-Terrain SUV/Truck Tyres 

 All-terrain light truck tyres have an aggressive tread that can be used on different conditions. The large tread blocks provide perfect traction on off-road surfaces as well as highways and roads. The severe weather symbol can be found on a few a/t tyres which means they can also be driven on light snow. 

From sand and mud to gravel and other tough terrains, A/T tyres can survive in challenging conditions. 

While they mostly favour off-road conditions, the performance remains great on well-paved roads as well. The disadvantages include a little bit of noise and less smooth rides. 

Some other types of SUV and light truck tyres are: 

  • Mud-terrain 
  • All-purpose or trail  
  • Ribbed 
  • Sport Truck