Windows are not only important for ventilation but also to bring in the maximum daylight into a room. Blinds are one of the best ways to adjust the amount of air and light needed in a specific room. Meanwhile, it also adds aesthetic appeal to home decor. 

While there are different blind options available in the market, Roman blinds are known to cater to the exact purpose for decades. The Roman blinds online India are available in a variety of colors, fabrics, and designs. This makes them a versatile window treatment option to grace any traditional or contemporary decor. These are also easy to clean and operate.  

That’s why Roman shades are one of the best choices for your windows. But how can you make them an integral part of your interior design? Here are some easy ways to blend Roman blinds into your home interior.

Different Rooms to Install Roman Blinds

The versatile Roman blinds are perfect for any room. You can choose them in different fabrics and designs, depending on the daylight needed to pass through the windows. These can even frame your windows better than Venetian, vertical or roller blinds Delhi.

Roman blinds also offer better insulation and homely vibe to your bedroom, living room, study or any other area in your house. They are also known to offer a clean and elegant finish to any decor in homes or offices. These blinds are considered to be timeless additions to both conventional and modern properties. 

However, you cannot use them in damp places like kitchens and bathrooms, as these areas are prone to humidity and moisture. Since bathrooms and kitchens soak up oils, grease, and vapors, Roman blinds (made of fabrics) are not suitable for these areas of your home. 

Selecting linings and fabrics for Roman blinds 

Light-weight fabrics, such as taffeta and faux silk, as well as medium weight fabrics (linen and cotton), are perfect for Roman blinds to have sharp and crisp folds. If you choose heavy fabrics like velvet, pure wool, and chenille, these can be ill-fitting to the windows due to the thickness of the fabric. Even lining is important to support the entire structure of the blinds and hide tape channels and dowels. This acts as an extra filter to protect you from sun damage. 

Choosing luxury fabrics like faux silks and taffeta can make Roman blinds withstand moisture damage. You may even use polyester and cotton blended fabrics for humid areas of your home like kitchens and bathrooms. Another clever way to hide damaged look is by choosing bold patterns and designs to conceal the imperfections, stains, or marks. 

Different Styles of Roman blinds 

Roman blinds online India can be selected in various options, enabling homeowners to blend them into any home interior. The popular styles of Roman Blinds are Classic, Flat, European, and Hobbled.

Classic and hobbled Roman blinds use dowels to neatly pleat or fold the window treatment. Flat Roman blinds are made of a single piece of fabric, without featuring any dowels. European Roman shades are perfect to bring natural flow and softness of fabric to otherwise stiff Roman style. 


When installing Roman blinds in your home, you need to consider which material, fabric, and style to match your interior. This way you can easily have an inviting and stunning window treatment in different rooms.