In this day and age of technology, a lot of things are virtual. From shopping to reading books and articles, everything can be done from the leisure of one’s home by just a tap on the phone screen. In that context, digital signatures have become a new trend in this technological sphere.

So, Before we talk more about digital signatures, let’s find out how it is different from an electronic signature

Electronic signature

An electronic signature is a signature one would add to any document (PDF, Word Doc., email, etc.) on the internet.

Another form of electronic signature is when one signs for a package delivered at home. The delivery person provides either a tablet or phone with an empty screen where one can make a signature with their finger. An electronic signature is also done while shopping via credit cards. It is just like signing one’s name on paper. It indicates a transaction has occurred with your consent

It is convenient as it reduces the use of papers, and all information is stored online or on the cloud, thus making it easily accessible. 

However, the equipment costs a lot and might also break down or malfunction

Digital signature

Digital signatures are different from electronic signatures as it is a little more complicated yet secure.

A digital signature is not your signature that one can put online. It should be obtained from a certificate authority site like Verasys Technology Private Limited. There are also multiple identity checks required before one receives their digital signature.

A digital signature is one’s authentication. It comes with a Public Key Authority. It means, when you receive your digital signature, you receive two keys- one public and one private. As such, this is an extremely secure means of authentication.


You use the private key to sign the document and send it to the receiver digitally. The paper is now encrypted. The receiver then uses the public key you’ve provided beforehand to decrypt it. Only then can the document be opened

The pro is that it is entirely secure and private. If one can keep their private key safe, then the safety of the document is ensured. The private key is equivalent to the keys provided by a bank for customers with lockers.

However, digital signature laws depend on state laws and can expire. It is the responsibility of the author to keep it renewed to ensure their privacy is maintained. 

It is generally required by businesses who have a lot of online transactions to do. Verasys is a company which provides Digital Signature Certificates online. It is quick and convenient, and the professionals will also help by offering consultations. Verasys is the child company to Alankit Ltd. Verasys caters to corporates, individuals, banks, IT companies, chartered accountants, tendering authorities and government organisations.

It can all be done online so one can apply for it whenever they want from the leisure of their own home!