The entire healthcare system is under huge strain as we witness the COVID 19 rampage! Already, healthcare facilities are being funded by the federal government through the Medicare, encouraging the use of virtual health solutions that can prevent the spread of the disease.

The government has removed several restrictions over telemedicine and are asking providers to use connected care services that can help them extend care and stop the spread of this dreaded pandemic.

FCC has started accepting applications for COVID 19 starting from April 13th 

Starting from April 13th 2020, the Federal Communication Communications Wireline Competition Bureau has started accepting applications. According to the CARES act and as it has been appropriated by the Congress, the COVID 19 telehealth program will be extending $200 million in funding. There are clear indications that the FCC is moving promptly to help the providers deliver connected care services to patients at homes in response to this pandemic.

Telehealth demand has spurred with the spread of this pandemic and the funding is an initiative to help the providers purchase solutions in telecommunications, broadband connectivity and the necessary devices. Organizations like CDC and the WHO have strongly recommended extensive use of telemedicine solutions to mitigate the spread of this disease.

Healthcare workers can be protected with proper use of telehealth

One of the biggest advantages that telehealth brings forward, it protects clinical staffs, physicians from getting infected from COVID 19. The battle against this disease is half lost if you start losing out on your soldiers. Telehealth solutions provides the bandwidth of physicians, staffs to treat patients without getting contaminated. Also, staffs with mild symptoms can still continue treating patients with telemedicine services. Extensive use of telehealth services is the need of the hour to continue fighting against this pandemic.