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Corona Virus

Retaining every single person quarantine at our home the impact of COVID – 19 epidemic is entirely new to the entire worldwide. Changing the healthcare industry entirely the COVID – 19 has a vast effect on not only in hospitals but also private insurers, government policies etc.

In fact, report by AAHomecare says the COVID – 19 have made private insurers update their payments and policies. As Humana will be covering short-term oxygen use, waiving the signature-at-delivery requirement for DME as well as waiving all out-of-pocket medical costs related to treatment etc. whereas Anthem on the other side too allowing providers to focus on caring for patients diagnosed with COVID-19, and temporarily adjusting its approach to monitoring claims and audits. Even UnitedHealthcare for all COVID-19 discharges to home-based care requiring a respiratory assist device or a ventilator, the vendor can deliver on notification only to UnitedHealthcare extended certain prior-authorizations and allows for face-to-face exams by telehealth for new prior authorizations UnitedHealthcare also relaxes proof-of-delivery requirement. In fact CMS has also assured Medicare will pay laboratories for the tests at $100 which is effective April 14, through the duration of the COVID-19 national emergency.

With all the policies change all a healthcare provider needs is the perfect operational extension providing a complete medical billing and telemedicine opportunities.

In fact Dipak Nandi MD a New York based entrepreneur and veteran in the healthcare domain observed “finding the right operational extension in this period of crisis where the healthcare providers are offered a full continuum of revenue cycle management solving all its medical billing and providing complete telemedicine platform is the need of the hour.”

It won’t be long that even after the end of COVID – 19 pandemic, everything starting from physician’s consultant to the medical billing the telemedicine platform will replace everything.

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