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An average person today spends more than five hours on their mobile device daily according to Pew Research Center. You are most likely responding to emails, playing games, taking selfies, tweeting, or scrolling down your Facebook timeline. However, this repetitive behavior comes with serious physical and mental consequences. Read on to discover the likely effects of excessive texting and how massage therapy is a wonderful remedy.

Excessive texting on fingers

Text thumb is a condition resulting from continuous stress on the fingers. Smartphones and other mobile devices are part of our bodies today. You are likely to barely notice muscle movement while using your gadgets. It is high time you took time to ponder how your fingers repeatedly manipulate the keypad on your screen over and over. This will help you realize the resultant muscular contraction and continuous strain degeneration with the potential for significant long term consequences.

How to minimize effects of using your smartphone on your fingers

Becoming aware of the effects of excessive use of the smartphone on your fingers is the first step. Perhaps your cellphone is a black hole that keeps you glued on the screen for hours without moving an inch. Always take periodic breaks after every 30 seconds to change your body position to avoid stagnating on the couch. Additionally, use your non-dominant hand when scrolling on the screen for a long time. This might sound awkward but will allow balancing how you use the musculoskeletal and nervous system. You will feel less stress on your usual hand.

How massage helps relieves the effects of phone use on your fingers

A visit to a Columbus massage center is a good idea when facing the effects of excessive phone use on your fingers. Here, you will find a professional and experienced therapist who will apply therapeutic massage techniques to give you relief. After the session, you will experience significant relief from conditions including muscle twitching in the arms and hands. Additionally, massage will give you relief from tingling or numbness in the neck and wrist. Massage therapy will also alleviate shoulder pain.
The therapist will target short musculature to give you relief from stretched and inhibited muscles. Smart gadgets, interesting apps, and features are increasing daily. This means that more people are going to obviously get hooked to their smartphone. Scheduling massage therapy is the trick to have a healthier future.

Effect of texting on other parts of the body
On the spine n the spine

Excessive use of your smartphone for long hours puts you at risk of spinal alignment problems. Just take time to figure out your usual head position when hunched for hours on your smartphone. You are obviously looking down. Keeping your head in this forward posture for extended periods leads to “text neck”. The weight on the spine increases by about 10 pounds when you hang your head forward for too long. With time, you are likely to end up with dysfunction or increased pain in the same posture.
With people spending averagely two to four hours daily continuously on the phone there is a huge risk of compressing and damaging the spice. Additionally, not using the phone at eye level comes with a risk of back and neck damage that might require surgery to fix. Excessing texting also increases the risk of arthritis and joint pain.

On the brain

Relying on the phone encourages more non-verbal communication limiting appropriate communication. Using texts lacks facial expressions, body language, and vocal tone. Someone reading your text will not attach feeling or empathy to your message. There is also a chance of getting caught off guard. A funny message might come off as insulting and hurtful to the reader. Additionally, text messages don’t come with a guarantee that the reader will interpret the message appropriately.

On the eyes

Face to face communication conveys messages more appropriately. This allows the sender and recipient to be on the same page. However, text messages come with the risk of getting misinterpreted. Men and women attach different meanings to non-verbal communication. Women are more likely to send texts for obvious reasons while men usually prefer to convey important messages.
To men, communication is always for a clear purpose including emphasizing details, exchanging information, or making a point. Alternatively, women use text messages to share and enhance intimacy. The varying intentions of using text messages between men and women make miscommunication very common. This comes with a risk of straining relationships resulting from mistrust.

In a nutshell

Spending time on the phone or other mobile device is a wonderful pastime. However, doing it excessively comes with a risk of affecting your fingers, the brain and spine. Fortunately, massage therapy can help alleviate the consequent pains. A session at a reputable massage center will give you immense relief to live a happier life.

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