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Discovery Of Pakistan – How Modi And Shah Have Dramatically Re-hyphenated India With Pakistan

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ETV Urdu News Today

After being leaps and bounds ahead of Pakistan, and working hard to bury the tag of hyphenation, India has again dug up the tag much to the dismay of its fellow citizens.

What Is Re-hyphenation?

Hyphenation of India and Pakistan is basically the United States seeing the two countries as equals and thus dealing with them jointly. It would increase the visits of US officials to both the countries, thus increasing in meddling with the countries’ affairs. The present state of de-hyphenation allows for a bilateral conflict resolution between both parties, without a mediator. In a re-hyphenated state, the US would become a mediator and thus be excruciatingly aware of the internal problems between the two countries.

Over the last 25 years, after the Cold War, India has tried very hard, and to some extent succeeded, in leaving Pakistan behind in the dust. India did enjoy good relations with the US, considering India significant enough to form the nuclear deal. At this point, India was growing at a rate of 8-9%in terms of economy. At present, this same country formerly enjoying the respect and help of the US is at a 5% growth rate, which according to former foreign secretary Shyam Saran is profoundly concerning.

Now, Let Us Come To The Definition Of A National Security State. What Is It?

The government of every country is obligated to provide its citizens with national-level security and defence against what was originally conceived only as a military attack. However, nowadays, national security also includes many non-military dimensions such as minimization of crime and thus economic security, energy security, environmental security, food security and last but not the least cybersecurity.

But to convince the citizens to fund the national defence system there needs to be a looming threat and India, and Pakistan has painted each other as the Ravana to their Ram. That is why Pakistan’s army enjoys a privileged position in the power structure and India has one of the biggest armies in the world and often keeps importing ammunition, missiles, and other such war “necessities”.

Now, after 2015, Pakistan has managed to catch up with India. Recently, there have been repeated referrals to Pakistan in the Parliament debate of the passing of the CAB (Citizenship Amendment Bill). ETV Breaking News and ETV Urdu news Today talk about the sorry state India is already in and will be plunged into in the future regarding this change. Both Shah and Modi seem to have the questions of why any action taken by India to curb any threats, like the Surgical strike or the Balakot mission appears to offend Congress. the Indian government’s conscious re-hyphenation with Pakistan seems to be only for domestic politics.

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