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sterile instruments

Sterile nail nippers are frequently used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

They are extremely sharp and durable to cut the toughest nails. It is important to use sterile nail nippers to prevent the entry of germs and any possible chance of infection.

When you look for a nail nipper usually it’s because regular nail clippers or nail scissors are not strong enough to cut through thick tough nails.

You need something heavy duty, something with more power behind it. A nail nipper usually has a much wider opening than a nail clipper and the end is shaped so that you can get under the nail with ease.

They have strong handles that are ergonomically designed for your comfort. Made of stainless steel, the nail nipper allows you to steer your cuts with its powerful sharp blades.


Nail nippers are commonly known as cuticle nippers. Nail nipper is a tool which is designed especially for the optimum care of your nails. This tool is used during manicure and pedicure. It is also used in several surgical procedures.

Nail nippers are generally used for removing the dead areas of skin around the toes and nails. They are used for removing dead skin from nails of fingers and from nails of toes. 

It builds up the skin of your affected area. It gradually polishes your fingers and toes. Cracked and dirty nails on your toes and fingers gives a bad appearance, for their better maintenance nail nipper are the way to it. 

They are cheap and economical to use and will save you a lot of money that you might have to spend in the salon.

Nail nippers are available in a number of different types. They are classified on the basis of blades the nail nipper uses. The type of nail nipper depends upon the size of blades and hinges by which they are designed. It quickly reaches those hard areas of skin which are not easy to reach.

Selecting A Suitable Nail Nipper

A good nail nipper should stay sharp for longer duration of time. Sharpness is the most important quality that you should consider before buying. 

The grasping and gripping power of the nail nipper should be comfortable. It should safely cut your nails by protecting your skin. A nail nipper without gripping power will cause redness over skin and will damage your nails.

The tool of nail nipper should open smartly. It should be comfortable enough while holding. The opening of nail nipper depends upon the elasticity of the spring. This is an important factor which makes the cutting of nails obsolete.

Disposable Double Spring Nail Nipper

One of the most frequently used sterile instruments in surgery, it helps in cutting thick skin and nails.

Ideal Use

They are ideal for cutting thick mycotic toenails with accuracy and ease due to the delicate tip and ergonomic handles. 

The nippers feature a barrel spring to prevent buckling and are available in straight and concave jaws to accommodate a variety of cases. 

It is disposable so easier to use and can be discarded after one time.

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