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DIY Tips: Best way to clean your households

Although the cleaning pace depends on our preferences and whether we can afford a housekeeping service or not, it is a job that stares us down with mounting pressure. From difficult ways to clean dryer vent to restore shower pressure in your bathroom, these amazing DIYs can assist you in so many ways.

Here’s a compilation of some cheap and easy hacks that will change your cleaning routine and help save you some time and stress along with tons of wasted money on cleaning products.


Re-season rusty cast iron

You will clear the seasoning from your trusty skillet by over-scrubbing cast iron with metal scouring pad. Use a scrub sponge to eliminate some dirt, clean with some light dish soap, and rinse well and dry well to preserve polish. Cover with vegetable oil on the inside and outside then bake in the oven at 350 degrees for an hour. Let cool with a paper towel, and remove excess grease.


Unblocking air vents


If you haven’t tested in a while, your air vents would definitely be quite filthy and dusty. If you are not interested in wasting bucks calling a handyman, you can use this easy method to clean vent or any other obstructed air vent.

Quick fix: First use a lightweight vacuum brush tool to remove the residue or dust.


Rosemary and Lavender Carpet Powder


With this rosemary and lavender carpet powder liven up the carpets naturally. Dab on your carpets just the mixture of baking soda, dried rosemary, and lavender oil, let it settle for 15-20 minutes and vacuum it up for a fresh-smelling space.


Best way to Clean Dryer Vent with this DIY


A dryer vent clogged with lint can decrease the output of the device, and may be a potential fire hazard. Here’s how to vacuum your pipe. This is the easiest and best way to clean dryer vent at home.

First, unplug the switch of the dryer

Remove the dryer vent hose from the wall and vacuum.

Lastly, re-attach everything and clean the exterior vent.



Most people are quite acquainted with many of these ingredients, but there is in particular one ingredient that still remains a mystery to many: borax.

Restore your shower pressure


Unlock the shower head by adding white vinegar

and water in equal parts, then dumping it into a plastic bag. Tie the bag around the top of the tub to lower the holes into the water, and tie with a twist knot. Let the loosened particles soak for up to an hour, then rinse and sweep them away. Unlike cleaning a dryer vent, shower pressure can be restored with this ingredient easily yet quickly.

Eliminate upholstery stains with shaving cream

There’s no need to employ an expensive specialist to get those stains out of your tapestries. Alternatively, shaving cream is a vital part of any bathroom if your husband, brother or dad doesn’t empty it. Rub shaving cream a little amount on the stain, let it stay for 30 minutes or overnight, and wipe it off.

Deodorized your garbage can or bag

There are a number of different reasons in your home which can create unpleasant smells. To about 1/2 cup of water apply 3 for 4 drops of your chosen essential oil. Your garbage can or bin will never be that smelly with these essential oils.

Easy way to clean stainless steel appliances


Stainless steel products tend permanently contaminated with fingerprints. But all you need is a microfiber cloth (or just a soft cloth) and some rubbing alcohol to give them a good, clean brilliance. If you really want a super clean stainless steel you can use a couple drops of olive oil.


Cleanse your sponges in the microwave

To scrub utensils, pans, and even countertops, you use your kitchen sponge. Dampen the sponge marginally, turn it up at full strength in the microwave for 90 seconds, and reduce the amount of bacterial contamination on it by up to 99 per cent.


Lemon oil to degrease your oven

Sprinkle a combination of one cup of water, one cup of necessary vinegar and lemon oil onto your stovetop and simply wipe it clean. Sprinkle baking soda first for harder spills, then rinse and wipe away.

All-purpose cleaner

Here’s a recipe for DIY cleaner that will make almost every surface glow (especially kitchen counters, appliances, and inside the refrigerator). Combine 4 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 quarter of warm water and wipe away the messes with a sponge.


Safely clean your computer


There are some chemicals that you should never ever use on your computer, including: acetone, ethyl alcohol, toluene, ethyl acid, ammonia, methyl chloride. As a rule of thumb when cleaning up your computer, avoid using paper products, do not use nasty chemicals and never spray product directly on the screen.

Makeup Brush Cleanser

You can choose from many different cleansers to wash your makeup brushes, sponges and other items.

To wash your clothes, using a couple drops of Dawn dish soap. You could also use a mild face cleaner in comparison to brush cleaners or dish soap.

Clean Bathroom Vent Quickly

Take a look up at the shower vents every time you are in the tub. If they’re loaded with dirt and debris then it’s time for some Rapid maintenance. Using warm soapy water to clean the vent and a vacuum inside the tube to pull dirt away.


 Clean Stove burners

With this simple cleaning hack remove burnt on food and other messes from your stove burners. Using a cup of bags with ammonia and zip lock, let the burners soak overnight. You’ll get smooth, tidy and like-new stove burners in the morning.


These days, there are so many various commercial cleaning items, filled with toxic additives and packaged in intricate plastic packaging. There are countless campaigns to get you to purchase the newest, better tasting disinfectant and the most effective disinfectant for your daily needs. But the truth is that you can keep it simple and turn to DIY cleaners to provide you with everything you need for a spark.

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