DME or Durable medical equipment is prescribed by licensed physicians to patients that have therapeutic benefits which are mainly used in a home setting like walkers, wheelchairs both electrical as well as manual, nebulizer and many others.

However, its billing process is quite different from other medical billing specialties. With the ever-changing regulatory compliance, being up to date with all the present DME billing regulations and rules is quite challenging. This is why today most health care providers choose outsourcing as the best option for achieving a seamless DME medical billing process.

In fact, according to a recent survey done by Black Book Market Research an increase has been seen in the medical billing business due to the value-based care reform. The report of the survey also said that the top two reasons for such outsourcing of DME medical billing and other medical billing process are mainly due to:

  • The cost-effective factor – as this outsourcing helps in reducing the overall operation cost according to 85% of respondents.
  • The expertise of the outsourcing vendor – as outsourcing has their own team of experts with complete DME billing process Knowledge, experience and its recent regulations Knowledge, etc according to 72 % of respondents.

As outsourcing Helps healthcare providers focus more on value-based programming and patient care, 90% of Hospital leaders are considering evaluating whether to outsource for cost efficiencies factor according to the survey.

Other benefits of outsourcing your DME medical billing process

Apart from being a cost-effective solution, outsourcing provides complete operational transparency so that the client can have a clear picture of the whole medical billing process. Reducing billing errors as all these outsourcing organizations have a team of experienced experts taking complete billing responsibilities, outsourcing your DME medical billing process also helps in reduced claims rejection and denial. Helping in Improving patient satisfaction and maximizing the revenue, outsourcing DME billing organizations ensure every step in the DME medical billing process is thoroughly rechecked. With a quicker reimbursement and rigorous follow up outsourced organization ensure timely reimbursement.

In fact, regardless of holiday and other staff problems, outsourced DME billing business organizations helps clients with constant cash flow as well as a quicker collection rate.
A key to achieving greater health practice and a seamless DME medical billing operation with an efficient revenue generation, outsourcing your DME billing is the solution to all your problems.